Décor secrets for festival season that no one will tell you

Décor secrets for festival season that everyone should know

Just like you deserve to style yourself ahead of the festive season, similarly your home also deserves a styling session. Here are few décor secrets for festival season that nobody will tell you.

Décor secrets for festival season that no one will tell you
Globe Chandelier

Here are 10 decor secrets that everyone should know:

  1. Invest in a stylish piece

This decor secret says that you don’t need to have multiple things in every room. It merely ends up in eye going all over and finding no focus. Just one stylish piece does the trick. Like a globe-like chandelier.

  1. Create scale- height

Use artifacts and accessories of varying heights to create a sense of scale and proportion. A statuesque floor lamp, a vase with overhanging branches or a small sculpture on a table can encapsulate a new look.

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  1. Using a Stylish tray

Every table has things that seem to run away from you like cosmetics in the bathroom, remotes on the coffee table and odds and ends in the entryway. Keep things together by putting all of them in a stylish tray.

  1. Use Tea towel

As per this décor secret, apart from daily duties, a tea towel should be used for various odd jobs in the kitchen like to spread over cooked food, cover a tea tray or mop up a mess. Pick up good looking tea towels and use them to add style and flavour to your kitchen.

Décor secrets for festival season that no one will tell you
Mix n match pillows
  1. Mix and match your pillows

The mix-match pillows on your couch should never be of the same size. Do not think twice when it comes to shapes, sizes and textures, just add them in your living area and see how they provide colour and depth to your sofa styling. Moreover, odd numbers tend to look better than even.

  1. Rule of 3

There is a reason why the Rule of 3 is used by every designer across the globe. When things come in threes, be it photo frames, candles or nesting tables they tend to look better as a group.

  1. Clean kitchen counters

Though you scrub and keep it as clean as you can, but here we are referring to keeping the counter-top ‘free’. So tuck away as many appliances as you can into the cabinets or wall-mount them. A cleaner counter-top gives you the illusion or an airy kitchen.

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