Decode the secret: Your sitting posture reveals a lot about your personality!

Here is all you need to know about your sitting posture

Psychologists who study body language can tell you a lot of things as per your body posture. Your own body language is an important factor of your personality in which way you sit, because of it others may read you. Poor body language can make you dishonest or uninterested, even if your words make you friendly and open-minded. Your sitting position is a part of your body language, which allows revealing a lot about who are you and the way you think.

sitting position

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Here are some postures which will tell you about your personality:-

    • Knees Together: If you sit in this position you are likely to be creative and charming person. Sometimes you may behave a little childish. Somehow, you might forget to think about what you are going to speak, but generally, people find you as a happy person. People feel comfortable in your company. You have an amazing ability to easily move between activities, but at times you find difficult to concentrate on a particular work. You have a tendency to avoid your problems in your life.
    • Crossed Legs: Do you have a habit of crossing your legs while you are sitting. If so, then probably you’re the restless dreamer kind of person. Your mind is full of fresh and creative ideas which often cause think in a different way. Your imagination power and ability is very powerful and strong. You feel restless if you are staying at one place whatever it could be like job, your city of residence and even in your partner and the relationships. You cannot follow the routine but you are fond of travel and learning new things. You never waste your time doing something that doesn’t bring happiness in your life.
Sitting position

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  • Legs Together: People who sit with their legs together and straight are often neat and intelligent, but they can be rather sensitive. You don’t like to quarrel, cry or to express your emotions in public. You usually avoid conflict and keep your feelings to yourself only. Basically, you feel uncomfortable when others hold shouting and even hugging and kissing, you consider them to be something intimate, not to be seen in public.
  • Feet Together and Knees Apart: If you seat with your knees apart, you tend to the perfectness. You carefully consider about your options before making a choice because you want everything perfect and smooth. You are very picky, even a little fussy. You have to face trouble concentrating on your important projects due to your work, home life, relationships, friends or family members, you always surrounded by some kind of drama. But instead of drowning in it, you use it to motivate yourself to do better in your life.
  • Legs Together but Tilted to One Side : Sitting with your legs together but tilted at one side indicates you area kind person , who never rush ahead and believes that everything has a good time and place. You set your goal high never give up on your dreams and achievements what you want to achieve in your life.

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