Decision on Kulbhusan Jadhav’s death sentence to be taken by ICJ today

Kulbhusan Jadhav's Case
Kulbhusan Jadhav

Kulbhusan Jadhav’s case was taken by India to International Court Justice

Decision on Kulbhusan Jadhav’s case of death sentence in Pakistan on charges of espionage and terrorism will be taken today by International Court Justice (ICJ). India appealed in World Court challenging the farcical trial Mr Jadhav was put through. India had asked for Pakistan to annul the sentence and allow India consular access. The verdict will be read at the United Nation court’s public seating at 6:30 PM ISD in The Hague.

Kulbhusan Jadhav’s case started when he was arrested by Pakistan on 3 March 2016

Pakistan claims that Kulbhusan Jadhav was arrested in Balochistan province on March 3, 2016. They say that India he entered into Pakistan from Pakistan. 49-year-old Kulbhusan was arrested by Pakistan on the charge of espionage. He was sentenced to death by the Military court after a year.

India took Pakistan to International Court Justice after one month of death sentence and the execution was stayed in May 2017 by the ICJ. India asserted that Jadhav was kidnapped from Iran. He had a business interest in Iran after retiring from the Navy.

India also accused Pakistan of denying consular access to India’s former Nay Servant which is a violation of the Vienna Convention.

Pakistan in response said that he was found guilty of spying and terrorism.

A pawn to divert attention from state sponsorship terrorism – India attacks Pak in ICJ

India also accused Pakistan of using Mr Jadhav as a pawn to divert attention from its own state sponsorship of terrorism.

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Mother and wife of Mr Jadhav were harassed during a meeting held in Islamabad on 25th December 2017, India accused Pakistan.

Pakistan has recently opened air space for Indian flights in return India also opened the same. Relations between the two countries were affected badly after the Pulwama attack.

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