Witty, Opinionated & Committed AF, December borns guarantee ‘No Dull Moments’

People born in December are easy to get along with & it’s difficult to match their sense of humor


December is the last month of the year. Well, babies born in this month are the last but not the least. December is the month full of holidays, Christmas cookies, and festive spirit. People born in this month are witty, opinionated & committed AF. Be it a small project, a big business meeting with the client, or even their relationship, they give their heart and soul to the things they do. Some of the most popular Indian celebrities were born in December.  From Salman Khan, Dia Mirza to Twinkle Khanna, all these celebs celebrate their birthdays in December. Here are a few things about people born in December that set them a class apart.

december born


Without any further ado, let us check out the list:


1. They are morning people

According to research, they love going to bed early and enjoy waking up early. They like to get their stuff done while the rest of us still make our minds to leave our cozy blanket.


2. They are natural charmers

They know the trick of winning hearts. They have the ability to strike deep and meaningful conversations. Their sense of humor is something that is irresistible. They have an attractive personality. They can be often perceived as egoistic people but they have a gentle heart. What else you need? If a person has his or her heart in the right place, then it’s easy to get along with them.


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december born

(Committed AF)

3. They are committed AF but  this sometimes creates problems

When in love, no one can beat the commitment level of people born in December. They always stay true and loyal to their partners. But sometimes it becomes a problem as they expect the same level of commitment from their partner.

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4. They don’t let their emotions overpower them

People born in December are very practical in life.  In every given situation, they think rationally and come up with a concrete solution. For them, it’s always logic over emotions.


(They love animals)

5. Animals  attract them

They believe in holistic healing and they are super empathetic people. People born in December believes in humanity a lot. Animals always fascinate them. They love animals and always try to promote the importance of co-existence.


6. They are either Sagittarius or Capricorn

People born till December 21 are Sagittarius, while those born after December 21 are Capricorn. Sagittarians are extrovert and outgoing people. On the other hand, Capricorns are more calm and composed.


7. They are extremely private people

They practice privacy like a religion. Be it their income or persona life, they don’t like to brag about their things in life. People born in December need their space and do not open up easily.

december born

(They are private people)

8. They are witty and opinionated 

When we are talking about December born babies, how can we forget Mrs. Funnybones? When it comes to humor, opinions, and witty answers, Twinkle Khanna tops our list. She has an opinion on everything and she is vocal about it.

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9. They know who they are

People born in December are extremely comfortable in their own skin. They know who they are and what they want from their life. In fact, they are someone who is proud of their decisions. Be it right or wrong.

10. People born in December like to explore new places 

It is their best quality. People born in December love to explore new places. Traveling is a great stress buster for them. You say and they are ready with their backpacks.

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