December Born Personality: They will be brutally honest with you, are you ready for it?

December Born Personality: 10 things only Sagittarius people can relate to! Spontaneity is in their blood

December born personality: Sagittarians are born between November 22 and December 21 & it is the last fire sign. They dream big, they live big and like to do extreme things. We will be celebrating the spirit of Sagittarius throughout December. To simply put, Sagittarians are honest (real honest), adventurous, independent & they express themselves without any filter. Bollywood Industry has many famous Sagittarians including veteran actor Dharmendra, Dia Mirza, Govinda, Divankya Tripathi, and many more.  People born under this sunshine are known for their spontaneity. Here are 10 things that only Sagittarius people will relate to.

1. They are ‘Brutally Honest’

From telling their bestie that her partner is a jerk to telling BAE that they are not in the mood, saggies believe in honest conversation. It might look rude and cold but honesty is in their system.

2. Saggies hate waiting

They can’t wait and they won’t wait. Be it waiting for someone at a restaurant or waiting for someone in a relationship, it’s not their cup of tea.

3. Saggy women say #GoodVibesonly

They always look at the brighter side. Their brain is trained to see good in each and everything. A lot of people wonder how they find positivity in everything, but you just don’t see a purpose in looking at negatives.

4. Curiosity sparks their soul

 Sagittarian people are always full of questions. She is curious to know everything happening around her. If her friends have a secret, she will be curious to know.

5. Change is constant and they believe in this formula

They adapt to changes quickly.  They know bad days won’t last forever but they  also know that good ones will too come and go. Life is about going with the flow and they are always ready for the change.

6. Sag says Dream Big

You will always see Sag making some big life plans. They dream big & follow their dreams passionately. They are a fire sign and the fire to do something big in life inspires them to do better every day.

7. They are a boss at Flirting

They flirt like a boss. If you have ever dated a Sag, you would know it. With them, you will always be in the honeymoon phase of your relationship. They know how to keep the spark alive.

8. Saggie never sugar-coat words

They never sugar coat their words. They can get brutally honest with people whether it means hurting them a bit. They never mince their words and will show the mirror always.

9. Mainstream idea bores them

They will try roads which are less travelled. Mainstream ideas bore them. A saggie likes to make their life interesting and they do everything to make that happen.

10. Travelling – Ask out her for a long drive and she will never say no!

Never! Ever. Saggies love travelling. Anytime you ask them out for any vacations, they will say a big ‘Yes’

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