Dear sweet sister, these 7 things I want you to learn from me

I am the eldest one and thanks mom and dad for giving me you, as you are the most special gift for me.

I remember the day, when you was born, I was also surprised and confused but was not able to stop myself ‘awwing’ at you and playing with you.

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Honestly, things has changed between us, the reason could be that you are growing too fast, which is hard to believe for me. All I wish for you little angel that you live your life and learn these lessons.

1. It is okay to fight for yourself even with our parents but don’t disrespect them

2. Do not lose by trying to fit in. Be your self. Always.

3. Leave toxic relationships behind

4. Complaining never took anyone anywhere

5. Don’t hold grudges against people

6 Be a leader not a boss

7 Believe in yourself

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