Dear Parents I am there: Few things you need to keep in mind when you parents grow old

Signs that show your elderly parents need your help!

When parents turn senior they require a lot of attention and love. You have to pamper them just like the way they had pampered us during our childhood days. A lot of elderly parents experience loneliness during last days of their life.

They need you

You see, most of us really do not want to see that our parents are beginning to have problems. Their arms have always been strong enough to hold us, their minds have always been sharp enough to give us the answers we were looking for, and we do not want to believe that those times may be coming to a close. Most of the time, our parents won’t admit it, either, and often get angry if it is suggested to them that they may be need more help than they used to. Since it is hard to accept, and harder still to confront, many of us leave the issue as the white elephant in the middle of the living room. But facing a problem is the only solution.

We know there is a problem, but no one wants to mention it. Having open discussions and knowing what their desires are will help you make wiser choices when the time comes.

Signs Your Elderly parents need your help!

Here are some signs that they may need help. Keep in mind that many of these can be signs of depression or other issues, too.

1. The mail is piling up

Dad is letting the bills and other mail pile up. He may become overwhelmed by tasks that used to be easy to deal with. At some point, parents can no longer mentally face the decision-making that the business end of life requires. As people get older, they often become more likely to hold things and not throw them out. Gently discuss your issues instead of shouting at them.

2. Bills are not being paid

If the checking account is messed up or bills are not being paid, this can be a troubling sign that your parent may be overwhelmed and not thinking as clearly as they used to. They get really hyper about it that might irritate you sometimes. If possible, when you have the conversation mentioned above, have them allow you to become a signer on their checking account just in case. Money is a huge sign of independence, so walk very carefully when discussing this.

Treat them with warmth

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3. Weight loss

This can happen because of various reasons. This can happen especially after the death of a spouse. Shopping, preparing food, and cooking just become too much trouble. So, as it’s your responsibility to discuss calmly about their health with them.

4. Poor hygiene

They either forget to change clothes (sometimes sleeping in and wearing the same things for days) or they put on the same clothes every morning. This is a big problem and a tough one to deal with. If you can talk to your parent’s doctor and get some advice, do so.

5. Memory loss

Again this is the most common problem. With ageing people suffers from memory loss. Missing doctor appointments, forgetting to take medications, missing church when they have been regular church-goers: these all may indicate a problem. You have to understand that it is a part of ageing.

Show your warmth to them because they really need it. After all, they have given all their time to us.

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