How to Deal with Insecurities Like A Pro? Remind Yourself These 5 Things

5 Tips to deal with insecurities And Remember Tum Akele Nahi ho! 


  • What do your insecurities sound like?
  • What is insecurity?
  • Tips to deal with insecurities

Deal With Insecurities: Do your insecurities also sound like following

  • Despite working so hard on those assignments, my work is not good enough, and I might not score well.
  • That my partner will eventually leave me because I do not deserve lasting love.
  • That I will end up saying something inappropriate or stupid while trying to contribute to that smart conversation with batchmates.
  • You got me feeling all anxious, or less confident while on dates, parties, or social gatherings.
  • That I am not attractive or pretty enough, and everyone is judging me.
  • That if people know the real me, they would not like me.

You must always Compare yourself with others and feel ashamed. But let us remind You Are Not Alone! 

What is insecurity?

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Insecurity is a feeling of inadequacy, uncertainty, self-doubt, or not being confident enough. It produces anxiety about goals, relationships, jobs, or day-to-day life in general. They are a part of human experiences and are more common than you think.

Therefore, here are 5 things you should remind yourself of whenever insecurity grips you and Deal with Insecurities like a pro.

You can feel insecure & still be strong

Deal With Insecurities
Deal With Insecurities

Your insecurities do not define you. Even the strongest person you know experiences insecurities in one form or another. Just because you feel insecure now, it does not make you inferior or less than anybody.

Your insecurities can be used as motivation

Insecurities can be a great motivating force because being dissatisfied with something can be a huge motivator for wanting to change and improve. The next time you feel insecure, instead of dwelling on it for too long ask yourself:

How can I turn this feeling into a lesson? What is this feeling trying to teach me? 

Notice what you are doing right

Start by paying attention and commending yourself on one positive thing you did that day. Maybe you drank a healthy green smoothie or you showed up early for a meet. You may have made bed every day this week.

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Take the time to notice whatsoever you did just right.

Shifting your focus this way can help to minimize the feeling of insecurities and boost confidence.

Stay away from the things that feed your insecurities

Ask yourself honestly, what led you to feel this way? Is there any pattern that often leaves you feeling insecure? It may be an Instagram account or a reality TV show that ignites a feeling of jealousy!

Being aware of the pattern is the first step in being able to change them. Noticing your patterns can come really handy.

Use your strength & do something you are good at

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Are you a fantastic Tennis player? So next time you feel insecure about something, go and hit the court.

If you are a great baker, treat yourself with a cake. Focusing on your strength is a great way of redirecting your focus. It reminds you that you are not good at all areas but you have certainly aced a few.

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Constantly beating up oneself for not being anything less than perfect, setting unrealistic goals, judging oneself based on recent failures, past experiences, or fear of the future can make you feel insecure.

Instead of concealing it, acknowledging what you feel, taking baby steps towards healing, talking about it to your friends, loved ones, or therapist, focusing on your strengths, and doing what you know best may help deal with insecurities.  There is no shame in getting help and working through feeling insecure.

How do you deal with insecurities? Tell us in the comments. Your story might help other people. The feeling of uncertainty, and lack of confidence can take a toll on your health, here are 5 easy ways to deal with your Insecurities.

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