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How to Deal With a Breakup? Don’t rush for rebound, read some more tips!

10 ways to deal with a breakup: Allow yourself to heal!


· How to deal with a break up?

· Why is self- introspection important?

It is extremely hard to tackle a breakup in a relationship. It is painful for both the person initiating a breakup as well as the person who is a silent sufferer. A breakup not only breaks your relationship; it also shatters a crucial part of your personality. It brings a lot of emotional turmoil and chaos. Dealing with a breakup is delicate and should be carefully learnt. But remember the end of a relationship is not the end of the world. It happens! Sometimes things do not work out the way you want them too. In that case, one should surrender to the situation, accept it and move ahead.

We agree that break up hurts like hell but one should not rush for rebound and should allow him or her to heal completely. People on the internet revealed how to deal with a break up and we listed 10 best ways to do that.

We have listed some important ways to help you cope with the situation in a hassle-free way:

1. Acceptance of the End:

Accept the bitter truth and try to move ahead. It may sound rude but the reality is to accept the harsh truth. The sooner you realize the bitter truth, the better it is. Do not live in a dream land and wait for magical powers to rectify things. Try to accept that your relationship has ended and your partner is no longer your companion.

2. Respect your Sentiments:

Do not blame yourself for the break up. Respect your sentiments and do not torture yourself. It is extremely important for you to respect yourself and your feelings. If you do not respect yourself, others will never respect you.

3. Pamper Yourself:

You need to pamper yourself and draw attention away from the traumatic situation. You need time for yourself so give space and spend quality time watching a favorite movie, cooking a mouth-watering dish or playing with your niece.

You may also shop for your favorite piece of jewelry or start a new hobby. Focus on the pleasures of life and enjoy for a while.

4. Connect with Family:

At this crucial time, what you require the most is the love and affection of your family. The love and support of your family will help you overcome this painful situation easily and smoothly.

5. Heal Yourself:

Remember not to indulge in a new relationship immediately. Give yourself time and space before starting a new relationship. Your emotions are raw and bruised and you should heal them first before going ahead with a new commitment.

6. No Revenge Mode:

Break ups are not unusual in a relationship. Though it is sad and unfortunate, it happens.

Break up is emotionally shattering and leaves you completely traumatized. Do not regard it as a rejection of your personality. Accept it and move ahead with your life. Do not cultivate a feeling of revenge or animosity in your heart. Remember, “Revenge is the confirmation of pain. It ties you up with the past-never allowing you to move ahead.”

7. Time is the Greatest Healer:

Time is the best healer and it helps you overcome the trauma in an unmatched and a non-parallel way. With the passage of time the wound will heal and you will realize that it was just a passing phase.

8. Go Ahead:

What’s gone is gone. Move ahead and explore better opportunities and meet new people. You should not stick to what has ended; rather try to live life and move ahead happily and boldly.

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9. Take a New Hobby:

Spend your time developing a new hobby. This will engage your time and you will not realize the pain and trauma of break up. Keep your mind occupied in a constructive and creative way.

10. Everything Happens for Good:

It is rightly said, “Whatever happens, happens for the good.” Learn from your follies and consider it as part of growing up. It is just a step in the long path of life.

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