Dad has taught us Dedication, Determination, and Discipline: Why you should not compromise on it?

5 life lessons Dad has taught me 

Fathers are unsung heroes. We all thank our mothers for their incredible contribution to our lives but how can we forget our fathers? They teach us a lot of things that help us to become a better person. Personally, I share a beautiful equation with my father. Yes, he is little hyperactive but he has played a vital role in making me the person that I am today.

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Here are few things that I have learnt from him. Well, father to has a parenting gene and he knows very well how to nurture his child.

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  1. Being Impatient is not a bad thing: So, when your dad grows older he starts acting like a child all the time. He will act so impatient everytime that it will literally become impossible to deal with him, right? But how can we forget he used to deal with us when we were a kid.
  2. Dedication is important: Whatever you do just give your 100 percent because your work speaks for you.
  3. Try to balance heart and mind:  Every decision you make should come from your heart but sometimes it is important to strike a balance between heart and mind.
  4. Do not take everything seriously: Life is unpredictable so you should not take everything seriously. Staying happy should be your aim.
  5. Value people, not money: Yes, the world is cruel but not everyone is same. You should invest in people. Try to be humble and nice to everyone without expecting that they will behave in a similar way.

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