Cycling for better health, economy

Person with a good health is believed to be the wealthiest person among all of us. The energy and resource institute, TERI recently came out with a report on promoting cycling in India which is very beneficial for all sorts of health issues. The session was addressed by the Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan and M. Venkiaah Naidu, Minister for Urban Development on 27th August, 2014 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.


The Report laid emphasis on doing regular cycling, which in the longer run is also beneficial for the Indian Economy. Cycling is amongst the most sustainable modes of mobility, which has a zero dependence on fossil fuels and zero emissions unlike motorized modes. The seminar also focused on how bicycles should be made accessible to everyone in the country. Many people in the rural India do not have access to bicycles due to lack of proper finance.

The report offered some recommendations regarding the issue:

Make cycles affordable by giving exemption of taxes on cycle production. Providing adequate finance to the rural India.Subsidizing the rate of cycles.Increase ownership of cycles by school children.Make it the symbol of modernity, so that, it attracts the younger people.


“It is a high time to shift our society’s concern towards health and cycling which is the best way to get a healthy lifestyle. “Cycling teaches us balance and balances our lifestyle” says Pankaj Munjal, the C.E.O of Hero Cycle.

Cycle ownership at a huge level can promote inclusive development and sustainable mobility in our country also, it would also promote healthy lifestyle in urban areas where people are stuck in the hustle – bustle of life and do not have time for their health.


“When I see someone cycling I really feel happy as it very good for health but these days our countrymen are being ignorant of the charm and glamour of cycling” says Dr. Harsh Vardhan.

Cycling prevents so many diseases like hypertension, diabetics, artery disease which have become a common trend of this modern era. Being a doctor Dr. Harsh Vardhan added that cycling is the best way to do physical exercise.


In urban areas trend of cycling is declining due to the lack of infrastructure and risk of road accidents. TERI did a survey on this and recommended government to work on it.

“I myself had two bicycles and used to ride. It was a pleasant experience. I understand the problem of infrastructure so, I will personally write to urban development minister” said Dr.Harsh Vardhan.

Promoting cycling in India would be very useful for the citizen’s health simultaneously promoting the cycle based economy. It would also be very effective for saving fuels and conserving it for the next generations.

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