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Curly or Straight? Monsoon hair care routine for every girl!

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Hair care routine: How to keep your hair Frizz free during monsoon?

Monsoon brings a smile to everyone’s face but it also brings humidity and complexities related to hair so make sure to opt for the right steps to have smooth tresses. Here are few things you need to add to your hair care routine for frizz free hair this monsoon. Hair care routine for monsoon that every girl should follow, take a look!

Neem – The Best friend 

You can use neem oil and can get it mixed in equal parts with hydrating oils like almond or olive oil. The mixture prevents dehydration. Neem oil is cooling and clears out accumulated sweat and oil, which cause dandruff and itching.

Deep conditioning is important 

Oiling your hair once or twice a week in the monsoon season is enough. Do not overdo it.

Wavy and curly hair care routine 

Wavy and curly hair is prone to damage during Monsoon. So use hydrating shampoo to keep frizzy hair at bay. Using – sulfate free shampoos is very important for damage or over treated hair.

Hair dryers – A Big  No

Styling tools and dryers can damage your hair adversely. You should use them moderately. Excessive heat can cause hair fall. It would be more beneficial to give your hair a hot towel treatment after the oiling ritual.
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