Here is why crying is the best medicine?

Here is why crying is the best medicine?
Makes you feel light

Crying is the best medicine; a good cry can actually make you feel light

It’s time to stop being repressive about your emotions. Do you know crying is a natural therapy which can to reduce stress? Sometimes crying is the best medicine and here are some exceptional benefits of crying.

Do not mind if someone calls you a cry baby instead of minding it, go and share the benefits of crying with them also. There are a lot of stigmas attached to the process of crying.

A lot of time we have heard people saying that men do not cry. Who said, any proof? Men do cry the thing they do not let anybody know about their feelings. Observe your dad’s and brother’s at your home you will surely build up an understanding regarding this. Actually, this natural process of crying can actually help you to feel fresh. Just after crying you feel that you have unburned something.

Here is why crying is the best medicine?
Crying can actually reduce stress

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Here are some researches on crying

There were a lot of extensive studies and research done on this process of crying and common findings are given below.

1. 85% of women and 73% of men felt less sad and angry after crying.

2. On average, women cry 47 times a year, men cry 7 times a year and crying bouts last 6 minutes on average.

3. Tears are more often shed between 7 and 10 p.m.

Benefits of crying

Do not ashamed of crying. Crying is a natural process and everyone should experience it. Here, are some benefits of crying. Just take a look

Crying lower the stress level

If you are suffering from chronic stress or depression crying is the best approach to lower the levels of stress. It’s a best method to express emotions.

2. Crying make you strong

Don’t feel or think that only weak people cry. In fact, crying makes you stronger. It’s better to cry rather than verbally saying anything to anyone. Crying is stronger than thousand of tongues.

Here is why crying is the best medicine?
Makes you feel light

3. Boost up your mood

If you are little tensed, worried or are suffering from prolonged bad mood then crying is best exercise to do. The process of crying always cleans you from inside which is necessary to survive in this world. Crying can actually give a kick to your mood.

4. Clean eyes

Apart from these benefits, crying can actually clean your eyes that generally water fails to do. It cleans the toxic materials that are present in your eyes. So cry as much as you can

5. Crying helps you to express your emotions

Crying is the best phenomenon in its own way as it always helps you to express your emotions in better and comprehensive way.

Which kind of people generally cry?

People who are extrovert, expressive and socialized generally cry. On the other hand, people who are introvert do not cry and repress their emotional feelings, which lead to development of personality disorders.

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