Crunchy Delicious Pear!

The author of Odyssey, Homer named it the “gift from gods” and Chinese believe it as the sign of immortality. This sugary, crunchy, juicy natural wonder that we are discussing today is delicious pear!

Pears have been around us since 800 B.C. In Europe they were used to smoke before the advent of tobacco.

Benefits of Pear

Here is a list of some amazing health benefits of pears.

Crunchy Delicious Pear!Enriched with vitamin K, C, E and B12 pear is regarded as a hypoallergenic fruit which implies that it can be safely consume by people allergic to certain fruits. it is safe to an extent that it can be eaten by the babies. The skin of pear is a rich source of digestive fiber so eat it whole.

Avert Heart Diseases:

Pear has more pectin-a water soluble fiber than the apples so it is more effective in reducing cholesterol levels.

Due to the presence of antioxidants, pears are helpful in preventing stroke and keeps blood pressure under control.

Someone has rightly said, “A pear a day might keep the stroke away!

Stronger Immunity:

This fruit is a superb example of energy as it is filled with fructose and glucose. Pear also helps in strengthening your immune system. If you feel cold is invading you, simply drink a glassful of pear juice. This fabulous fruit is known for its cooling effect and is beneficial in relieving fever. If you are having high temperature, again drink a glass of pear juice. It will bring down the soaring temperature in no time!

Protects you Against Cancer:

Pears are good for colon health when eaten whole as pear skin has high amount of fiber content. It protects the skin against cell damages caused by free radicals, thus prevents colon cancer. Scientific researches show that daily consumption of pear can avert breast cancer by approximately 34 percent in females after menopause.


Are you suffering from irregular bowel syndrome? Drink pear juice regularly to get prompt relief from the distressing condition.

Healthy Pregnancy:

Doctors advocate that pregnant women should consume an adequate amount of folic acid in order to avoid birth defect in the newborns. Folic acid or folate is found in high amount in pears so if you are expecting eat a lot of pears to get natural iron. So, incorporate this incredibly healthy fruit a part of your regular prenatal diet.

Checks Osteoporosis:

Universally, more and more people are alarmed about the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Doctors recommend that dietary calcium intake is good for healthy bones besides maintaining a balanced pH level.

Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamins and calcium and pear is extraordinarily loaded with boron which is useful in retaining calcium in the body. so have appear to keep your bones healthy and strong!

Removes Phlegm:

Pear juice is an easy, healthy and fun way to eliminate phlegm which is the root cause of many problems amongst children. It also helps in mitigating the shortness of breath that kids often experience due to excessive phlegm.

Healthy Carbs:

if you want to lose weight or maintain your weight, eating pear is ideal for you. Pear is sweet in taste and is a low onglycemic indicator which implies that it releases sugar very slowly in the blood stream.

If you are trying to lose/maintain weight, pear is the fruit for you. Despite the fact that pear is quite sweet to taste, the carbohydrates in this fruit are low onglycemic indicator which means they change to sugar and enter the blood stream actually slowly.

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