‘Create a customer who creates customers’(Consumer loyalty)

‘Create a customer who creates customers’(Consumer loyalty)

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” – Michael LeBoeuf

In the 21st century when competitors are just a click away, keeping customers stick to a particular brand can be a difficult task.

In today’s world, where consumers have access to endless information about products and services, using several brands is common, yet the customer would stick only with the company, which goes beyond the limits to provide its customers a fantastic experience.



Here we bring you some important pointers to go ahead.

• When customers feel that they are taken care then they are more inclined to buy that product again. So, satisfying their demand should be the priority of a company because a happy customer always sticks to a brand for a longer period of time.

• Don’t forget special occasions: Company can maintain the list of its regular customers and should not forget to wish them on special occasions such as their birthdays and anniversaries. Wish them through mail or even by sending gifts.



• Ask for feedback and work on the weak points: Collecting maximum feedback from customers can help the company to analyse its weak and strong points and the weak areas can be improved by taking inputs from customers.

• Try to be consistent with the services: One of the best ways to retain customers in longer run is to be consistent with the quality of the product and services. Try to establish a routine for communicating with random customers just to know the pulse of relationship.

• Pass on the relevant information: If the company comes across any relevant information that may interest customers, it should pass it on to them.



“For a successful business customer loyalty is very important and I think personal touch is important with the customers. I understand we can’t have it with our all the customers but at least with our regular customers. This gives them the feeling of connection and that makes them more comfortable in giving feedback. That can be very beneficial for us” Shubham Sahani, owner of a jewelry shop.

Whether any company is a newbie in the industry or a strong player but the goal of every company is to retain their customers. In the dynamic world of business one can never predict what will happen next?

It’s time not to think but to chalk out some feasible strategies to retain customers in the longer run.

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