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Girl Injected HIV Positive Blood to Prove her Love, Crazy things done in the name of love

Here are some Crazy things done in the name of love for real


  1. Poured sugar in her scooty- Hope you are alive now
  2. The side-effects of dating a Ranveer Singh
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Crazy things done in the name of love: Love ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega! You must have seen people pushing their boundaries in love. In Bollywood movies, we have also seen people doing everything for their love interest. But this kind of scenario is pretty rare in real life. However, some people really take this Kuch Bhi Kar guzarne Wala attitude a bit too seriously.

A very bizarre incident happened in Assam where a girl risked her life just to prove her love for her boyfriend. How? She injected the HIV-infected blood of her boyfriend into her body.

A few years ago, a man and a 19-year-old woman from the Suwal Kuchchi village in Assam communicated over Facebook. The young woman’s village is right next to his. Over time, their interactions developed into a small amount of friendship and affection. The young woman found out about her loved one’s unintentional HIV infection a few months ago.

Crazy things done in the name of love

She claimed that she did this to keep her and her lover together. When the girl’s family learned of the incident, they initiated legal proceedings against her lover. The young woman underwent a medical examination, and it was determined that she was HIV-positive.

The girl took blood from the body of her HIV-positive boyfriend with a syringe and inserted it into her body. After hearing about the same, people are shocked and the incident created a sensation in the entire region.

However, they are not the only ones who have done bizarre things in love. From time to time, Crazy things done in the name of love for real. Here are a few:

Poured sugar in her scooty- Hope you are alive now

On Quora, a guy confessed that he used to pour sugar in her girlfriend’s scooty engine so that he could go take her to college.

Writer’s note: Well, I will not suggest you take any notes from it. Shayad your love interest may not like any kind of temperament with their vehicle. And don’t even dare to touch my scooty with this intention.

The side-effects of dating a Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is known for his quirky fashion sense. He is never shy to experiment with his looks. Well, at some time you may also fall in love with this kind of person.

Just to impress her crush, a girl coloured her hair blue just to catch his attention. However, the sad part is she never got a date with him. And now she regrets her decision of turning herself into an alien.

Babu bhook lag Rahi Hai- Now Babu will cross a river to deliver food

 A mechanical engineering student shared his crazy teenage love story. It was 4am and his girlfriend came up with the demand, “Babu bhook lag Rahi Hai ”. Now, as comedian Sky Gupta says- “Nobody can refuse a girl in this voice”.

Therefore, the boy arranged snacks for his girlfriend and delivered them to her in the freezing cold at 4 in the morning.

However, the boy also mentioned that she is her ex now as she is committed to his friend now.

Poor boy!

There are times in life when we do something out of the box which turns out bizarre for people. And also, which we might regret later and even get mocked after years.

However, being in love does not require losing our sanity. Risking our life for the sake of proving can never be a rational decision.

Just be with them in thick and thin- that’s enough to prove your love.

Do you recall any Crazy things done in the name of love by you or any of your friends? Let us know.                         

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