How covid-19 has a put a stop on everything?

Welcome to the brave new world of Covid-19!

It’s just been a month since the covid-19 outbreak and our life has already got upside down. From its impact on the global economy to our daily lives, Covid-19 will leave an enormous impact on how we learn, how we consume, how we socialize and how we work. Meeting with friends, dining out and other daily routines have nearly halted as nation takes drastic step to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

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Coronavirus recession is already here

Coronavirus has already disrupted many domains of our lives, encompassing work, school, and entertainment. This crisis will trigger drastic changes in our life going forward. While some industries will bloom during the crisis, while others will suffer significant losses. This worst pandemic has already squeezed both supply and demand. Many business and household will run out of money soon. In no time we will see dizzying decline in economic activity. These are key sectors that stand to suffer the most from a widespread outbreak are: Financial markets, Travel and hospitality, Retail, Automobiles etc. Severely hit are the people who survived on the daily wages like vegetable vendors, rickshaw pullers etc.

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