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Bihar Doctor claims to have found preventive medicine for COVID-19, asks PM and WHO to test

Aconite-30 and Influenzinum-30 makes the immune strong enough to battle coronavirus, claims Doctor

An experienced homeopathy Doctor R B Singh from Chhapra, Bihar claims to have found a preventive medicine for the deadly COVID-19. He cited the combination of Aconite-30 and Influenzinum-30 as an effective preventive medicine which also works as a curative medicine. More than 15,000 people are taking the combination of these two homeopathy medicines to keep themselves away from the deadly novel coronavirus.

Doctor R B Singh had started working on the medicine of Coronavirus way before the virus landed in India. After conducting studies, he found out that the combination of Influenzinum-30 and Aconite-30 can work as preventive medicine.

An individual should take 2 drops each for 1 month

He said that “The combination of both these medicines makes the immune system of humans strong enough to stop the COVID-19 infection entering into the human body. A person who is not infected with the deadly virus should take 2 drops each after mixing it in lukewarm water every day for a month. And the person who is found to have coronavirus, should take the combination 4 to 5 times a day. The cost of medicine is under Rs 100 for a month use.”

The 82-year-old doctor with more than 57 years of experience in Homeopathy medicine has written letters to the Health Ministry of India, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom to test the medicine by experimenting it on the COVID-19 patients.

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Doctor is waiting for Bihar Government’s nod

Earlier when private hospitals, clinics and doctors were earlier not allowed to treat the COVID-19 patients, Dr R B Singh asked for the permission from the Bihar Health Ministry to treat the COVID-19 patients but he didn’t get any reply.

Dr R B Singh, DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery) is practising Homeopathy for more than 57 years and has been successful in finding cures of many diseases in the last 50 years. He runs a private clinic at his residence at Kachhari market, Chhapra, Bihar. The Doctor also owns a research lab where he along with other family associates conducts research and invent medicines.

Note: We do not encourage our readers to buy the medicine without Doctor’s prescriptions as there is no study or research from a credible source that confirms the authenticity of Dr Singh’s claim. Although, he claims that there are no side-effects of this medicine if a person takes it once a day.

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