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COVID 19 Updates: Don’t Forget the Pandemic is yet not over!

COVID 19 Updates: COVID cases on rising across the globe, Festive season in India might increase the number of cases

COVID 19 updates – India recently completed the 1 Billion mark of COVID vaccination. It was indeed a milestone for India as vaccination gives protection against COVID 19.  Various states are now opening schools almost after 2 years.  But amid the festive season in India, coronavirus cases that have been on a record low are once again witnessing a slight spike.  Keeping the situation in mind, the Centre on Thursday extended nationwide COVID 19 containment measures till November 30.

Total number of COVID 19 cases in India

Notably, Health Ministry also released data on COVID 19. On Friday, India recoded 14, 348 fresh cases, slightly lower than Thursday – recorded 16,156 fresh cases – the rise of 20 percent from Wednesday. As per the data, the total number of COVID 19 cases in India stands at 3,42,46, 157.  On October 27, 2021, India recorded 13.45k new cases and 585 new deaths. If we talk about the difference between new cases reported in the last seven days and the preceding 7 days in India is -2 percent, while the world average is +4 percent across the globe.

Covid 19 updates

Update on the new variant of COVID

According to a weekly report by the India SARS –COV-2 Genome Consortium (the body that tracks the new variant of COVID 19) has informed the latest mutation of the coronavirus variant AY4.2 has been linked to rising of cases in the United Kingdom is very ‘infrequent in India’.  Notably, Karnataka has reported cases of new variant AY.4, following which now the Karnataka government is gearing up to impose new guidelines. Meanwhile, containment zones have been increased in West Bengal as well.  As per reports, many markets will also remain close.

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Clearly, the Pandemic is yet not over. Remember vaccine doesn’t guarantee 100 percent protection from COVID 19. It is important to take precautions whenever you are stepping out, especially during the festive season.  Holi celebration in India was also one of the main causes of the deadly second wave of the corona. Let us not forget it.  Here is what all you should do:

Covid 19 updates
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  1. Do not forget to mask up whenever you are stepping out. You can opt for a double mask these days
  2. Keep sanitizing your hands.
  3. Wash your hands regularly, especially if you travel by public transports.
  4. Avoid going to crowded places. Opt for online shopping instead of offline.
  5. Do not forget to follow social distancing.

Are COVID 19 cases rising globally?

As per reports, many countries have imposed fresh restrictions and lockdown as the world enters its second winter with Covid 19.  Notably, the Ukrainian capital Kyiv will tighten lockdown restrictions due to the spike in cases.  Meanwhile in China, where the COVID 19 first emerged – the third city went under lockdown to tackle the situation. The increasing number prompted officials to impose lockdown in Lanzhou city. On the other hand, Europe stood out as the only region worldwide to report an increase in both coronavirus cases and death.  Talking about India, the cases were under control but the festive season might affect the numbers. Meanwhile, the government has also revealed data that says 11 crore people are due for the second dose of vaccine.  The Union Health Ministry has written to various UTs and States to priortise administering the second dose of vaccine to beneficiaries.

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