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COVID-19 Third Wave Inevitable: 5 points to understand the situation

COVID-19 third wave is supposed to come, here’s is what the experts are saying

Officials and health authorities are now constantly alerting people about the likelihood of the COVID-19 third wave. After failing to sufficiently prepare for the second round, the fears of terribly losing the conditions to the third wave are immense. The Principal Scientific Advisor K VijayRaghavan suggests that the third wave is ‘inevitable’ earlier this month, though the exact time can’t be predicted. Recently, Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi CM suspects that the Coronavirus variant found in Singapore can be India’s COVID-19 third wave.

Coronavirus variant found in Singapore can be India’s COVID-19 third wave, extremely dangerous for kids, warns Arvind Kejriwal

How can the wave be identified?’

As there is no pre-defined way to actually determine how a wave changes, the question that arises is how will we identify the wave coming. Generally, a peak is used to define the onset of a new wave. India witnessed its last peak on May 6, i.e. 4.14 lakhs per day and after that, the number of cases is reducing gradually up to 2.6 lakhs per day. If a similar trend continues, then a number of cases will come down to what it was before the spike if there comes a fresh surge in the number, that’ll be marked as the third wave.

COVID-19 Third Wave

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Facts we have about the third wave

WHO classifies Indian Variant as ‘a variant of interest’: Experts and virologists believe the Indian variety is more transmissible and makes patients more prone to reinfection, according to early studies, although the study is ongoing.

Aggressive vaccination can help:
 According to Dr. Babu, the administration must finalize a plan for dealing with numerous waves of Covid-19. “Even in states where technical experts predicted a second wave, due to conflicting interests, little changed. Through strong microplanning, active mobilization, and efficient communication methods, we need an action plan to increase vaccine coverage ” – Dr Giridhar Babu, epidemiologist, and professor at the Indian Institute of Public Health in Bengaluru and a member and advisor to the National Covid-19 Task Force in Karnataka. (India Today Reported)

COVID-19 Third Wave is likely to affect children more than adults: According to reports, children may be at a greater risk of contracting Covid-19 in the third wave. It’s a reasonable assumption, given that most people will have had at least one dose of the vaccine by the time the third wave arrives in India. In India, the Covid-19 vaccination for children is still unavailable.

Is nationwide lockdown a solution? : The opposition has called for a nationwide lockdown, but the administration has been hesitant to implement one for fear of economic repercussions, despite the fact that numerous states have enacted social restrictions. VK Paul, a member of the NITI Aayog and the head of the national expert panel on vaccinations, on nation “…If anything further is needed, such alternatives are always on the table. There is currently a guideline for nations to establish regulations to prevent transmission chains from forming.”

Shortage of health facilities: In India, the doctor-to-population ratio is 1:1,456, compared to a WHO recommendation of 1:000. India has pulled in medical students on the field, but the shortage of medical assistants is still a concern. People at the frontline are the most vulnerable.

So, these are the facts that we know. But what remains as there always is not losing hope. The COVID-19 third wave has been stated inevitable. The only way to combat it is to fight with it, with high hopes and strength.

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