Festivals in COVID 19: No ‘Bhaijaan’s’ release this year on Eid, things that we will miss!

How this Pandemic will affect festival celebrations in India?

Every then and now, we Indians keep celebrating festivals. Be it Holi, Eid, Rakhi or Diwali. The festival season is constant in India. The outbreak of COVID -19 has changed a lot of things in our life, and some of them will be permanent. From washing hands to being suspicious when someone sneezes will remain with us for many coming years. COVID -19 has brought things on a stand still. Being locked in the house is a new normal. Holding zoom meetings has become a part of our lifestyle. It has also impacted festivals and the way we used to celebrate them. 

Be it Eid or Diwali every festival will have it’s impact. COVID 19 may get a treatment till Diwali, but the fear will remain. Here are a few things that will will badly miss this year.

1. No Salman Khan’s release this year  on Eid:

This year Bhaijaan is missing from the big screen. He will not be able to give Eidi this year due to COVID -19. He is not able to follow his old ritual of releasing his films on Eid. Last year it was Bharat and this year his fans were expecting Radhe. Unfortunately, it will not be released and fans will miss it. 

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2. No flea market shopping: Shopping online is a new cool, but traditional shopping method has no match. Going to Sarojini, Janpath or Lajpat, we are going to badly miss the experience this year. 

3. Eid Party/ Diwali Party – we are crying like hell: Till Diwali, there are chances of getting a vaccine for COVID 19, but fear will not let us hold Diwali parties like every year.  No parties for us, and no parties for celebs. No candid pictures and no fun with friends. 

4. Ritual of exchanging gifts: Visiting each other’s place will also be a big deal. People will fear social gatherings. This will also be badly missed. 

5Long weekends and holidays, we will miss them too, kyunki boss chutti dene se raha: COVID 19 has badly impacted many sectors. Every year we wait for festivals for family time. We crave for some peaceful holidays, right? This year there would be no holidays as we used to have. Every organisation will try to cut off leaves as they have to cope up. So, get ready for the same. 

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6.Watching the sports:Sports in India is equivalent to festivals. From attending our favorite sporting event with friends or watching a live game on TV, people are missing it badly. Sports have always been a fun and entertaining.

7. Waiting for Jingle Bell: ‘Dashing through the snow,In a one horse open sleigh, Over the fields we go, Laughing all the way’, as the month of December arrives we start to sing the Christmas carols, decorate our house, visit the church and wait for our beloved Santa’s gift. If the pandemic doesn’t leave us soon, Christmas will be a major miss.

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