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The pandemic has left students in despair

2020 is certainly not the student’s year.

The outbreak of Covd-19 has brought everything to a standstill. Offices all over the globe have ordered their employees to work from home.

Similarly, schools and colleges were also shut to limit the spread of deadly coronavirus. Various sectors have been impacted but one of the most important sector, which has taken a hit is the education sector. It has not just accumulated loss for the higher classes or college going students rather it has affected the kindergarten kids who took the first step towards education. School is not just about books but it is also about personality development.

Impact of Covid-19 on school levels:

We all know school is home away from home. It is not just a place to learn but it shapes an individual, touches the lives and creates futures. Even a short time in school brings a change in you and similarly a short period of missed school will have consequences for skill development.

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Though there is no loss in the academics as teachers are working night and day in providing the best though the advancement of technology.

The most hit will be the students of class 10th and 12th who will be giving the board in the year 2021. The insufficient practice of taking several tests and exams may result in the reduction of marks.

Impact of Covid-19 on secondary and higher secondary students:

Class of 2020 is the worst hit. With their whole future in the threshold students are staring at so many obstacles in front of them. Getting the placement at the times when the entire nation’s economy is at the bleak just seems like a challenge to them. As many students aim for higher studies in India as well as abroad, the sudden change in the schedule and work environment of the whole world has left students despair.

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Effects on Applications and Admissions

For new students it will be chaotic. Especially, the students who have just passed out 12th and have to step into college. They are unsure about when their results will be declared and if the college entrance test will be online it will be more complex. The students for whom the finances were not a particular concern are now focusing on state run institutions to save money.

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