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This inspirational couple gave up the lavish wedding and donated oxygen cylinders and bed

The generous couple are giving us major couple goals

The global pandemic has brought the world on a standstill with all the major events across the globe getting cancelled, postponed or taking place with limited individuals. Many weddings were called off while some weddings happened in the presence of very close relatives and friends. In one wedding we even saw the virtual presence of people who greeted the bride and groom from their respective houses.

Weddings in India are a big event and we often break our budget to make weddings as grand as it can get. Thousands of people are invited, some of them even don’t know the bride and groom that well. But amid the coronavirus chaos, one couple gave up the lavish celebration of the big-fat wedding and submerged into a new life by donating oxygen cylinders and hospital beds to a rural COVID-19 centre.

The 27-year-old Merlin and 28-year-old Eric Anton ditched the plans of having a traditional Christian wedding surrounded by thousands of people, amazing dishes and gallons of wine. The inspiring couple tied the knot in an intimate wedding in the presence of just 22 people.

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Instead of a huge chunk on ceremony, they used it for COVID-19 patients

Instead of spending a huge amount of money, they used the resources differently by helping the local hospital in the Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra by providing them with 50 hospital beds and oxygen cylinders.

After the successful wedding ceremony, they immediately reached the COVID-19 treatment centre in the same apparel and officially inaugurated the beds.

However, it was not easy for the couple to arrange beds and cylinders as they needed various clearance from the government officials. But when you have the pure intention of serving something good to the people in need, nothing can come your way. They got permission to avail the beds and oxygen cylinders. Then they approached a Vasai based fabricator to ensure that the design of the beds meets the guidelines laid down by the health department.

couple donate beds and oxygen cylinders

The couple has been involved in other philanthropic works

Merlin and Eric have been at the forefront of voluntary work. They have helped the migrant workers of their area by connecting them with the officials who could ensure seats for them in the Shramik Special train. They have also been a part of community kitchens.

The generous couple is giving perfect couple goals and making us realize that we shouldn’t just go gaga over the celebrity couples and their larger than life wedding ceremonies but also do some good things which can make a difference in the society.

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