Countdown begins: Are you ready for IPL’s High- Voltage matches?

Parul Srivastava
Whom you will support?

Chennai Super Kings VS Mumbai Indians:  Take a look at their Strengths and Weaknesses

The eleventh season of IPL will begin on April 7, 2018.  Cricket Fans are already going crazy.  A lot of them have already got their tickets booked, and few are going to support their favorite teams from their homes only. The first match will be played between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings in Mumbai on April 7.

IPL: Chennai Super Kings versus Mumbai Indians

Breathtaking catches, nail-biting finishes and a star-studded affair has made Indian Premiere league one of the most followed cricket leagues in the world.  Over its decade-long journey, the league has witnessed a lot of memorable moments.  Although we have encountered a lot of rivalries in IPL, the rivalry between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians remains the most – celebrated rivalry in the history of this league.

Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings are all set to lock horns: Who will win?

Right from the beginning of IPL, whenever these two teams have locked horns, cricket fanatics have witnessed some captivating innings. Today, we are going to discuss strengths and weaknesses of these two teams.

 The Men in Yellow are ready to enthral you all!

Strengths of Chennai Super King

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  • A strong team: The only reason behind ruling most of the IPL seasons is that they have a very strong team.  The team makes only a few changes. All the players in the team are well- aware of each other’s weaknesses and strengths.
  • Enthralling batting line –up: Chennai Super Kings have a very strong batting line –up.   It has got eight batsmen who have scored at least 1000 runs in the league and it is itself a record.
  • Spinners come in handy: Not only strong batting line up, the team also has some really talented spinners. Harbhajan Singh and Ravindra Jadeja are very crucial team members of Chennai Super Kings.

Let’s now talk about their weakness

Experienced and Inexperienced players:  Yes, they have a strong batting line up, but they have also got some young talents, who have not played a single game in the IPL prior to this season.  This can create a problem for captain MS Dhoni.

Now, let’s talk about the latter – Mumbai Indians


  • The Squad has been retained: Just like Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians have kept its players intact.  They have a strong batting and bowling line up.

    Whom will you support?



Mumbai Indians might regret its decision of letting go Harbhajan Singh.  The team has one of the finest bowlers of this generation – Jasprit Bumhra but putting a lot of pressure on him can affect his performance.

Mumbai Indians have lifted IPL’s trophy thrice and now, it would interesting to watch both the teams on April 7th.  Apart from it, actors like Varun Dhawan, Parineeti Chopra,  Hrithik  Roshan, and  Jacqueline Fernandez will set the stage on fire by their sizzling performances in the opening ceremony.

So this weekend, get ready for a high voltage game.

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