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Coronavirus Myths that you shouldn’t believe: ‘Kyunki jo darr gya, woh marr gya’

Various coronavirus rumours are doing rounds on social media, Don’t believe them unless they are from verified sources

While the world is trying to tackle the threat of Coronavirus, there are few people who are creating bizarre rumours about the outbreak. Various messages on social media have led us to believe that the very existence of humanity is under threat with the outbreak of coronavirus, which is nowhere close to reality. The situation calls for caution as it has affected more than a lakh in 66 countries now. But WHO has confirmed that global mortality rate for COVID-19 is a mere 3.4 per cent. It is far less than other cardiovascular diseases.  About 36,000 coronavirus patients have already been discharged from the hospital. The official data also suggests only 2.3 per cent amongst the affected have died.  But various coronavirus rumours are doing rounds, spreading horror in common people also claiming cures.

Today we will look at those 5 ridiculous coronavirus rumours you should not believe in.

1. Eggs and Chicken lead to coronavirus

One of the most spread rumours about the coronavirus is that consuming eggs and chicken can infuse coronavirus inside you. No trusted source has confirmed the possibility of this rumour. The false rumour has slashed Indian poultry sales by almost 50 per cent.

2. Cow Urine can help in curing coronavirus

Suman Haripriya, a BJP MLA from Assam said that cow dung and urine can help in curing the deadly coronavirus. Seriously! First, it was curing cancer and now it can cure Coronavirus. RIP logic and science.

3. Eating Ginger and Garlic are a natural cure for COVID-19

This is another Whatsapp message which is being forwarded in India a lot. Various people have started consuming extra Ginger and Garlic to stop themselves from getting the corona infection.

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4. Staying in sun can cure coronavirus

Few ill-informed people believe that staying out in the sun for a few hours can cure the coronavirus. This rumour is as away from the truth as we are from the sun.

5. Lime Juice with warm Water helps in curing coronavirus

Lime Juice with warm water can have many positive effects in your body but no scientists have claimed that it can cure coronavirus.

Rumor-mongering has become a bigger threat than the virus itself. We urge you to not believe in these rumours and trust only that information which is coming from verified sources.

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