Coronavirus & Social Taboos that it has created: Let’s fight together, not discriminate

Coronavirus Racism – Why do we need to rise above hate

The Novel Coronavirus is creating panic all over the world and has claimed thousands of lives so far. Now, an absurd  social vacuum is being developed all over the world

To protect oneself from getting infected by the virus people are trying all the options and precautions needed. There is a shortage of masks, sanitizers, and even toilet papers. Borders are being closed, air traffic suspended and so on.

The severity of the disease cannot only be understood by the number of causalities or the number of people affected. However, there are multiple discourses that need to be taken into account.

The economies collapsing, self-preferences opted by the countries, etc. But what is more important and dangerous is the way it is separating people and creating void, myths and lack of knowledge to have given a way to racism. Since the outbreak, many incidents have taken place where people of a certain ethnicity are been targeted as well as people with signs of the disease are being ill-treated.

Here are the 5 incidents of social discrimination, after the Novel Corona outbreak that took place globally.

Discriminatory headlines by The Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph

The subtitle of the Herald Sun on 26th of January, “Chinese virus pandemonium” inappropriately linked the Coronavirus with a specific race. The Daily Telegraph made a part of the headline “Chinese kids stay home” which can cause a high risk of discrimination between the Aussie children and the community of Chinese students in the schools and both subheadlines can create a high risk of discrimination for the Chinese community.

Brussels women of Chinese origin abused in public

Brussels women of Chinese origin who was abused for Corona Virus by five people she has passed by and spat on her late. The incident comes amid increasing reports of Xenophobic and abusive reports against Asian people as the Coronavirus spread globally.

Asian origin people face awkward social behavior in France

One Chinese man interviewed on France’s BFMTV, with the face covered so that he won’t be recognized – described while he was walking out of the gym, children started laughing at him and saying “Coronavirus is coming”. Ethnic Chinese are not the only ones who face social discrimination Vietnamese women shunned by the people around her. Some people maintain distance from Asian people and put scarves on their faces.

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Indian Women tortured for being suspect of Coronavirus

Newly-wed women from the Umerkot area of Odisha alleged that her In-laws mistreated and tortured her on suspicion of being infected by a deadly virus. The family suspect her of contracting Coronavirus and beat her up they even forced her to stay and eat separately. After facing torture for 12 days she finally left her in-laws house and went back to her parents.

In a bizarre statement, a Muslim cleric Ilyas Shafafuddin said that Allah has punished Chinese people for being cruel and persecuting the Uighur Muslims. He further went on warning Right-wing outfits in India and calling them “Children of Godse” told them to refrain from attacking Muslims in India.

Saudi Arabian based company accused of ill-treatment

World’s most valuable company Aramco at its headquarter, in Saudi Arabia, used a migrant worker as a hand sanitizer.

The picture of a man forced to dress as a hand sanitizer and with a mask on his face, with actual hand dispenser created a lot of criticism on twitter as exploitative and racist.

A Korean woman punched in the face in the USA

A 23-year-old woman, a student from South Korea was entering into a building on 34th street, when she was grabbed by the hair and punched in the face. And was questioned “You have got Coronavirus, you Asian” the victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital with a possible Jaw dislocation.

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