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#Coronavirus Outbreak: Quarantine VS Isolation, Know the difference between them?

Amid the ruckus of coronavirus, know the difference between quarantine and isolation

It’s important to keep ourselves informed at the time of health emergencies like coronavirus outbreak. When there is a lot of information that could be misleading and confusing. Recently, governments of various countries have declared health emergency because of the deadly outbreak. There have been more than 1,20,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus worldwide resulting in deaths of around 5,000 individuals.

In India, there have been 76 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 1 death. Two terms quarantine and isolation are doing rounds as the precautionary measure taken against the fight of coronavirus. In everyday conversations, we use isolation or quarantine interchangeably to refer to separating people in various ways due to the spread of disease.  It’s obvious to get confused between quarantine and isolation. Today, we will tell you the difference between these two terms.


Quarantine occurs when an individual is believed to have been exposed to a disease but is not a symptomatic. Quarantine is a way to keep an eye if symptoms develop at the same time, avoid any possible spread to others. People who are put under quarantine for possible COVID-19 might be asked to stay home and avoid going out in public places for 14 days.

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Isolation occurs when an individual is believed or known to be infected with a disease that is potentially transmittable. It’s the process of separating known sick people from those who are not sick. The isolated person is asked to stay in a separate room from other people in their homes and use a separate bathroom. India is also keeping many people under isolation who were found positive of coronavirus.

We are sure all the confusion regarding the quarantine and isolation amid the deadly outbreak of coronavirus would have vanished by now.

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