5 pictures that show the difference between impact of COVID-19 in rich and poor

Who said COVID-19 doesn’t differentiate between rich and poor, we have proof that it does

Since the announcement of coronavirus rich people are bored in their house and want to hang out with friends and families. On the other hand, poor migrant workers are fighting for their survival as they are not sure if they would make it alive after the lockdown. While people from foreign countries are getting evacuated via ships and flights, poor migrant labourers are walking more than 1000 kilometres without proper food to reach their hometown and village. Experts say that coronavirus does not differentiate between old and young, Hindu and Muslim, rich and poor. But we are going to show you five pictures or screenshots of videos which are enough to tell you that COVID-19 did differentiate while affecting people. If not in terms of infecting them with the virus but surely when it comes to infecting them with pain, sorrow, hopelessness, hunger and deportation.

1. Imagine yourself sitting on rocks in more than 40 degrees Celsius temperature and hard sun with many others like you without food, without water. The only goal is to somehow reach home so that you can get ‘Do Waqt Ki Dal Roti.’

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2. If the city which you built with your blood and sweat asks you to leave because it doesn’t care about you.  Imagine how would you feel. You will surely remember those good days of your hometown or village and will walk back to it.

3. Sometimes it goes beyond our imagination, how these poor, inessential, unimportant people got the strength to even think about walking for a month with heavy luggage and worn slippers. Their mental strength needs to be saluted.

4. Lockdown gave rich people the time to try recipes and experiment with food but poor migrant workers are fighting for a packet of biscuit. You might think why to fight for food, dear English-language readers (elite people) keep yourself away from food for just 2 days and you will realize why they are fighting.

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5. While you are fighting with your sibling for bigger and more cheese-filled part of the home-made pizza, migrant workers were fed rotten rice under the government scheme in Mangaluru. Poor migrant workers were fed rice with salt in Bihar. Can you imagine the government doing that to you? We are sure you will destroy the government’s guidelines and protest for your right. But the problem with migrant workers is that they will be silenced if they protest. Even opposition parties are not deeply concerned about them because their voter ID card is based in a different state so they are useless to them.

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