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5 people who have emerged as real heroes in the tough times of Pandemic

A look into stories of unsung heroes and how they have helped country to stand on its feet

While the world is battling the deadly COVID-19, we have come with a list of five people who will cheer you up even at an extra-ordinary time of coronavirus.

The global pandemic might have brought a strong curse on us but it has also brought the best in us. While many of the people became jobless, many of us started helping people stranded away from home with no food and no money.

Health Workers, security personnel, sanitation workers, grocery shop owners, delivery people and many risked their lives so that the majority of people don’t have to go through hardships of the global pandemic. Well, these are not the only one who have worked tirelessly to keep the country standing on its feet. There have been many unsung heroes who have helped in their full capacity during the pandemic. Today, we are going to list down 5 people who have emerged as real heroes in the tough times of pandemic.

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1. Sonu Sood

The Bollywood actor has done a commendable job by helping thousands of migrant workers to reach their home by arranging buses. He also distributed food and water to the people in need. The ‘Dabang villain’ even helped airlift 177 girls stranded in Kerala to reach their homes in Bhubaneshwar. Apart from this train tickets were arranged by Sonu Sood and his team for the migrants to reach their home.

2. Vandana Upadhyay

A Ranchi based District Coordinator Vandana Upadhyay helped a lot of daily wage workers by establishing a ‘Roti Bank’. She ensured that food and ration reached to the people who needed it most.

3. Minal Dakhave

Minal Dakhave Bhosale created India’s first COVID-19 testing kit while she was in the last stage of her pregnancy. She along with her team delivered the testing kit in only six weeks.

4.       Kajal and Disha

Street animals are one of the most hit due to coronavirus lockdown as people who used to feed them are not able to go outside their house. The sisters duo Kajal and Disha provided food to the stray dogs in Nagpur.

5.       Munish Pratap Singh

Inspector Munish Pratap Singh arranged a birthday cake for a kid who was hurt because his father wasn’t able to arrange a birthday cake due to coronavirus lockdown. Munish Singh arranged the cake from a baker he knew from before.

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