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The Universe May Be Conscious – Say Prominent Scientists

It’s a famous quote “You Cannot Have a Positive Life and Negative Mind” – Joyce Meyer

It’s true!! Go on reading!!

One day a samurai came to Dzen Master Hakuin and asked:

– “Where is paradise? Where is hell? And where are the gates of heaven and hell?”

Samurai knew only two things: life and death. He did not have any philosophy, he just wanted to know where were the gates – to escape hell and go to heaven.

– “Who are you?” – Hakuin asked.

– “I’m the leader of samurais – the warrior replied – and the Emperor pays a tribute to me.”

Hakuin laughed and said:

– “Are you really the leader of samurais? You look like some poor raga-muffin!”

Samurai’s pride was hurt. He forgot whaty he had come for, whipped out his sword and was going to kill Hakuin. And Hakuin laughed again and said:

– “This is the gate of hell. With a sword, being in anger, with your ego you will open it.”

Samurai realized theat idea, calmed doawn and sheathed his sword. And Hakuin continued:

– “And now, when you are calmmed down, you will open the gate of heaven.

Moral: Heaven and hell are inside you. And the gates are inside you. If you are not conscious, this is the gate of hell. If you are attentive and conscious, this is the gate of heaven. But people continue to think that heaven and hell are somewhere outside. Heaven and hell are not after life, they are here and now. And the gates are always open. At any moment you make your choice between heaven and hell. So that’s true consciousness spreads through the universe!

One of science’s most challenging problems is a question that can be stated easily: Where does consciousness originate? Scholar Philip Goff thinks about a radical perspective: What if consciousness isn’t something special that the brain does, yet is, instead  isa a quality inherent to all issues? It is a theory known as “‘panpsychism’,”, and Goff guides readers through the historical backdrop of the thoughtful answer’s common objections (for example, “That is simply crazy!”), and clarifies why he accepts panpsychism speaks to the best way ahead.

How powerful is consciousness? This can be defined as the awareness of your physical and mental self. Knowing about our considerations, sentiments, and ensuing activities ⁠is our human consciousness at work.

What’s more, when we make this a step further, consciousness can be characterized as the ability to not exclusively know about, however, to control both your actions and your thoughts.

This type of awareness has existed since the beginning of time.

Panpsychism in Basic Terms 

In our legal perspective on things, consciousness exists just in the minds of exceptionally advanced living beings. Consequently, consciousness exists only in a small part of the Universe and just in too recent history. As indicated by panpsychism, conversely, consciousness pervades the Universe and is an essential element of it. This doesn’t imply that, indeed, everything is conscious. The actual responsibility is that the real world’s fundamental constituents—may be electrons and quarks—have inconceivably basic types of experience. Also, the human or animal mind’s too complicated expertise in some way or another got from the experience of the brain’s most fundamental parts.

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Individuals have a rich and complex experience; horses less so; mice less so once more. As we move to complicated life, we find less complicated and more accessible kinds of experience with the help of power of consciousness.

Yet, it’s at least sound to assume that this continuum of consciousness blurring while never entirely killing carries on into inorganic issue, with fundamental particles having almost basic types of experience to mirror their incredibly simple nature. That is the thing that panpsychism accepts.

The Power of Consciousness 

Consciousness is more than staying alert – Pao L Chang discloses the great power that has been lying dormant inside you.

Within consciousness and the universe, lies an educational field of feedback and awareness that gives us a feeling of self. In other words, consciousness enables us to watch understanding and know about our existence.

Besides being an informational field, consciousness is likewise a bound together field of capacity that communicates outward with diversity. This bound together area is all over the place and in everything. That is the reason consciousness is one of the central powers of creation. Consider it the intelligent energy that governs everything in the Universe, and you won’t be distant.

As it is made of subtle energy — the most remarkable vitality in the Universe — consciousness is incredible. That is the reason atomic weapons are so impressive since they used the subtle energies inside molecules.

Collective consciousness

Collective consciousness (now and then aggregate soul or awareness) is a fundamental sociological idea that refers to the set of shared convictions, thoughts, perspectives, and information necessary to a social gathering or society. The collective consciousness advises our sense regarding having a place and character, and our behavior.

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In sociology and related sociologies, the possibility of collective consciousness originates from the French scholar and social scientist Emile Durkheim. Collective consciousness is tied in with understanding what makes society work.

It is generally essential to understand that collective consciousness is the after effect of social powers that are outer to the person, that course through society, and that cooperate to make the social wonder of the social phenomenon of faith-based beliefs, values, and thoughts that make it. As people, we cover these and make the collective consciousness a reality thus, and we reaffirm and reproduce it by living in manners that reflect it.

Consciousness and Reality

The reality that we live in, is simply an expression of consciousness, including our environmental factors and bodies. Everything in the Universe is conscious of itself since it is likewise an expression of consciousness.

Unfortunately, our society doesn’t think enough about the power of consciousness. So it isn’t surprising that many people don’t understand who they genuinely are and the intense force that exists in them. If individuals can use even a little percentage of the power of pure consciousness, they will have the option to rise above their limits, overcome diseases and become more brought within and without. When there would be less fighting, more cooperation and love.

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How powerful is consciousness in this pandemic time? 

The coronavirus outbreak has not just changed the manner in which people see personal hygiene and health yet additionally the manner in which they interface with companions, families and communities. Isolation has prompted individuals to grasp innovation like never before. The manner in which individuals are spending their leisure energy is getting more dependent to technology. This adaption of technology is anticipated to proceed with post-COVID too.

Inside science, I think there is no other issue that is as profound, as puzzling and as strange as consciousness, and I feel much can be picked up if we gain ground in revealing this puzzle. I expect that, in the end, this may assist us with making an ideal world, for example, by supporting the development of new cures for medical diseases related to conscious perception. The excellent end might be extended; however, I believe it merits taking it.

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