Conclusion from the technical sessions!

The last session was addressed by Union Minister of communication and Information technology, Ravi Shankar.

He said that Indians have enormous talent and one should respect innovative spirit of India.

Ravi Shankar Prasad

Minister of communication and Information technology Ravi Shankar Prasad

He threw some light on the funding issues: challenges and opportunity.

The minister added”Indians observe technology, then adopt it and then enjoy technology. If they are given space, time and opportunity they do something that is praiseworthy.”

Start up initiative must be policy driven and enlightenment about start up is very important.

One of the most point that was highlighted in both session was “Failure  is the first towards success.”

last session

One of the issue that minister flagged off was mentoring to start ups is very important.

According to him, culture of India is changing. Hence, giving opportunity to every citizen of India.

The panelists also laid emphasis that today’s generation is not job seeker rather they are job creator.

The event concluded on a good note as most of the budding entrepreneurs walked out with lot of knowledge and guidance.

Picture Credit: Kuldeep Pundhir, OneWorldNews

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