Common Pitfalls While Chasing a Job

Common Pitfalls While Chasing a Job


While looking for a job, you need to be aware of to be aware of the common difficulties. Such pitfalls can mar you chances of getting a good job.


It is seen that job-seekers make some general mistakes or errors unknowingly or knowingly.


Below are listed some common mistakes made while hunting for a job. Avoid them as they can spoil your career.


Not looking hard enough:

It is good to look at all the available job opportunities in various organizations. Have a determined and strong-minded attitude and explore all possible opportunities. Remember a good job will not come just like that; you will have to grab it.


Confining job search to one source:

Another common mistake is to limit your job search to one source. Read and search the local newspaper and internet for all available vacancies. You can also upload your bio data on the job websites to get vacancy alerts easily.


Not developing a realistic idea of the situation of job market:

Have frequent discussion with old classmate with identical qualifications and understand the nature of their jobs. This will help you in broadening your job-search area. This will also help you in assessing your salary demands in the current economic light.


Not networking enough:

Network plays a crucial role in finding a good job. Communicate with your friends, acquaintances and old colleagues regularly. They may inform or recommend you for any suitable opening.


Becoming disappointed by rejection:

Do not become disappointed by rejections. Constant dejection at times can make you depressed but do not give in to the adverse circumstances. Simply resolve firmly and roll back your sleeves to find an appropriate job at all cost.  Keep knocking at all possible doors unless you find a job for yourself.


Not dressing up suitably for an interview:

The age old adage is true to core- ‘First impression is the last impression’. Choose a suitable and smart outfit and make a mark.


Going unprepared for an interview:

Before going for an interview, spend some time on internet and learn about the organization. You should also make a list of questions that can be asked and prepare mentally. You can get the frequently asked questions by the interviewer from the internet.


Not having proper documentation:

Make a proper file of your documents and carry it when you go for an interview. The essential documents include your resume, certificates, degrees and testimonials from your last employees.


Common Pitfalls While Chasing a Job




Not having a proper and well-written resume:

This is another common mistake that should be avoided. Your resume should be properly written and should have all relevant information about you.  The employer learns about you via your resume so it should be brief and should clearly reveal your career objectives and should emphasize your past accomplishments.


Criticizing the prior employer:

You might have a bitter experience of your former employer but never ever mention it in your interview. Do not give vent to your harsh feelings and bad experiences of the last job. The person conducting your interview can think that you will criticize him too.


Keep these points in mind and avoid them while looking for a job. This avoidance will help you make your job hunt fruitful and productive.