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Find your Comfort Zone to get out of Comfort Zones

Tapping into this energy is the key to entering the Safest Comfort Zone  

It is a paradox.  We all like to feel safe, ergo, we live in the cocoons of our lives, however good, bad, or ugly they may be.  The situations are familiar and known.

This is the reason, people continue to be in abusive relationships all their lives, continue with their non-gratifying jobs, ’friends circles’ they really don’t care about, and so many other aspects of our lives, our desires – our aspirations, which we stifle due to fear of the unknown.

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(Embrace change)  

Yet, as I discussed in my previous article – Embracing Change for Fulfillment’, we start changing from the time we are conceived, and the only constant in our physical lives is Change.

Also, as discussed, the world around us is changing rapidly than ever before, and not only do we have to adapt to it, but also be in sync with it to lead hassle-free lives.

The changes include technology,  social mores, and lifestyles, buying desires and habits, and so much more.  All this can lead to stress, tension, and other allied health issues like heart ailments, cancers, diabetes, etc just to name a few.

What Spirituality Means to Older People – Silver Century Foundation

(Attract Happiness)

So how does one cope with all this?  Does one go and have a breakdown? Go into depression? Or withdraw from the world, and become a hermit. Well, none of these choices are palatable.  Even if one chooses the hermit option, the thought will always remain that one failed in life, and withdrew, or will become a ‘Super Victim’ of the World at large, and be filled with deep bitterness.  So much for a hermit’s life – there will be no peace and tranquillity.

This leaves the Free Will choice of ‘Embracing Change’.  Easier said than done, however, it is doable.  This involves ‘removing the chaff from the wheat’ so to speak and selecting aspects of life and myriad choices on offer which are in our highest and best, and not assuagement of our ego-selves.

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(Happiness and Gratitude)

These ego gratifiers being our outer selves, the ones which want to show the world about us having the right worldly possessions which make us either fit into certain social brackets, or make us acceptable or even objects of envy of others, or even pandering to our fears (actually one and the same thing) of being left behind or deemed unacceptable in some circles.

The point is that we constantly make choices from our outer selves, wanting to appear in ways which are not natural to our individualities but are too scared to do otherwise.  This ‘Comfort Zone of Discomfort’ becomes our identity, and we clutch onto it with dear life as we feel that without it, we cease to exist.

These choices of change are the root cause of our miseries, and thus also the causes of our fear of change.  Ironically, clutching onto these very ‘changes’, we go deeper and deeper into a quicksand of misery whose only end appears to end with our very lives.

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So, now where do we go from here?  How do we move forward?  Are we already checkmated in the chess game of life?

Not necessarily.

Remember, we had discussed ‘Free Will’ in my previous articles here in ‘Power of Thoughts’.  This free will is the ace up our sleeves which first got us caught in the quagmire, and this very same free will shall help us get out of it.

There is a ‘Highest’ vibration energy which envelopes the Universe, and indeed all the creation.  We like to call it God, or Allah, or Ram (not the physical Ram – King of Ayodhya), or even Divine Intelligence as I like to call it.  Its vibration frequency is pure unadulterated unconditional love.  Non-judgmental, ever-loving, infinite.  Tapping into this energy is the key to entering the Safest Comfort Zone possible, and thus, getting out of all the uncomfortable comfort zones we have created, accepted, or adopted in our lives.

Spiritual Healing for Stroke Recovery: A Mindful Approach | Flint ...

(Love and happiness)

Please refer to my previous article – LivingVibrationally’.  In this article, I had discussed that all our thoughts and physical actions emit vibrational energy.  These vibrations act like radio signals, determine what we are inviting into our lives.  This is where the magic begins.

The vibrational energy of Divine Intelligence is pure love.  What kind of vibrational energy are we emitting?  We have to be on constant vigil for it, much akin to driving a car on a high traffic road, where we constantly keep watch for traffic around us to ensure safe passage and the culmination of our journey.

Hence, this first step is very crucial to enter this Divine comfort zone.  This again brings up a question – how do we know if the thought is high vibrational or low vibrational?  Simple, as Jesus said – ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’  This statement completely in conformity the laws of Karma and the Universe implies what you put out, you receive.  Even computer programming says ‘GIGO’ – garbage in, garbage out, or in our case, ‘Garbage out, Garbage in’, or ‘GOGI’.

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(Change is constant)

This first step of first becoming aware of what we are putting out, and ideally making a note of it somewhere is very critical, as it is 80-90% of the work is done.  This awareness starts changing what we put out, making us more compassionate, caring and loving towards our Universe and starts putting us in a state of Gratitude, thus changing our vibrational energy from low and medium towards the higher ones, thus gradually syncing us with Divine Intelligence, and bringing us into a womb of safety – a Divine Comfort zone.

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