Colors that can change your life: Importance of Colors in Feng Shui

4 colors you should never paint in your house!

We all have our own preference when it comes to colors, but according to some research, the paint colors we choose can directly impact the value of our homes. Yes! That’s right. You might like few colors that actually bring bad luck so it’s really important to understand which color can bring luck. The study revealed that while we all may not agree on our color choices, there are four paint colors in particular that should be avoided in order to get the maximum sale price for our homes.

How to choose colors while decorating your sweet home?
Colours that always work

Here are the colors that will decrease the value of your home and that you should try to avoid at all costs.

1.Slate Grey: Grey is a popular and well-liked paint color choice, but you have to be careful when selecting the shade. Choosing the wrong shade of grey may either increase or decrease the final sale price of your home and can bring negativity. In contrast, living room walls that were painted dove or light gray helped increased a home’s value.

2.Off-White: This might be the most surprising of the four offending colors. The study found that the use of off-white in some spaces—especially kitchens—can make them feel flat or dead.

3.Terracotta: This Color is actually not a good choice to paint your sweet home as according to research it can affect your health. Your health might be at a risk so just avoid it.

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4.Dark Brown: This color has been referred to as dirty, tar and even death. When used in a bathroom or bedroom, dark brown it actually brings bad luck. According to TIME, this color is disliked to the extent that the Australian government almost used it as the color on cigarette packaging to make smoking less appealing

What colors actually add value to a home?

1. Yellow Color:The yellow color of sunlight, cheerful and uplifting color will always brighten any home or office.  This bright color also creates cozy, welcoming feng shui energy in your kitchen living room or children’s rooms. From hot sunflower yellow to pale buttery yellow color tones — there are many options to choose from when you are planning to renovate your house.

15 Tips to Transform Your House
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2.Red Color: Vibrant red color brings into your home the energy of joy, excitement, and encourages the sexual desire.Red is the Chinese color of luck and happiness, the marriage color in India, and the symbolic color of love and romance, courage, and passion in the West.

3.GreenGreen is the Feng Shui color of renewal, fresh energy, and regeneration. The green color is very nourishing to your health it balances the whole body by bringing healing Feng shui vibrations from nature. When working with green color it is important to have at least several different shades in order to maximize the Feng Shui energy effects.

4.Orange colorWhen the feng shui use of color red is too intense for your home or office, go for the orange color instead. The color orange is often called the “social” color, as it creates the necessary feng shui energy to promote lively conversations and good times in your house. The orange color reminds us of summertime dreams and the warm glow of log fires.

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