College Life isn’t an easy journey, here is why?

College Life is not easy, is it a place of dreams or place of destroying dreams?

It’s a dream of every student to score good marks and then get admission in one of the top colleges.  But do you know college life is not that easy? Making new friends is one of the top most challenge faced by majority of students. College Life can be exceptionally memorable for others, but sometimes it can lower your confidence too. But for every perk in college, there’s also a drawback; for every pathway that college opens up in your life, there’s also a wall it throws up, leaving you frustrated, confused, and locked out of your dorm room in nothing but a towel.

College life can be actually worst for various reasons:

  1. Randomly assigned roommates
    It can be actually a big problem.  Roommates who are totally stranger to you sometimes cause problems for you.
  2. Non helpful college friends
    Yes, that’s right they will act like that they will help you but when it actually comes nobody will do that.
College Life is not easy
College Life is not easy
  1. 3. Exhaustion
    Sometimes college life can totally exhaust us so it’s really important to take a break from it.  Because it can overstressed you and in the end you won’t be able to do anything.
  2. Tedious Internships
    Internships are most important part of college life and every next person has to do it.  It can be of course tedious. Usually internships are non-paid so there is no source of motivation as well.
  3. Crappy Professors
    No matter how smart, studious, or suck up-you are, you will eventually come across a professor so broken, so tired, so sick of teaching To The Lighthouseto a bunch of hung-over 19-year-olds dicking around on their smartphones, that they have completely given up, and will neither engage with you intellectually nor cut you a break.

How to resolve these problems?

Though college life isn’t easy, but we have come across various solutions to get adjusted into college. Whether a student is transferring to a new college or attending for the first time, there is a certain period of adjustment that’s required. Students are confronted with classes that are often more challenging. So, just have a look on given points and try to get adjusted into college life.

  1. Start getting involve
    It’s very important one need to get involved in all the college activities then only you will feel comfortable. Getting involved in college activities can help freshmen adjust to college life. Activities can help students feel as if they are a part of their environment, and help them to relieve some of the everyday stress associated with classes and studying.
  2. Maintain positive approach
    This is another important point. In order to adapt college environment one need to maintain positive approach too.  Positivity indeed help you stay focused.
Start getting involved
Start getting involved

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When a student gets overwhelmed by meeting new people, adjusting to new professors, studying, and college life in general, he or she may start to feel negative about the whole experience. When this happens, it is crucial that students stay positive with both their behaviour and thoughts.

  1. Attend classes regularly
    You should attend your college classes regularly not for your academy sake but also for the adjustment. Attending classes is one of the most important student responsibilities. With the new found freedom that college brings, some freshmen may feel tempted to skip classes for other activities. Always attend classes in order to catch all the important information.
  2. Stay in campus when it is possible Yes, it is important you should stay in campus whenever you are free. Students should stay on campus during their freshman year. This allows them to submerge themselves into the college experience.
Effective Communication is must
Effective Communication is must
  1. Eat and sleep well
    Don’t ignore your health.  Eat and sleep well in order to remain in pink of your health. Usually in first year of college, students may sleep less and eat foods that are less healthy than what they are accustomed to. Eating unhealthy food can cause students to gain weight and feel more tired. It is important that freshmen make the effort to get a full night’s rest and to eat healthy meals for both their academic and physical health.
  2.  Productive communication
    New college students may feel uncomfortable when it comes to communicating their needs. This difficulty could arise when it comes to speaking with professors or with fellow students, such as roommates. Try to communicate effectively with others.
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