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“We are against gay adoption of kids. The only family is traditional ones” said Domenica Dolce co-founder of Dolce and Gabbana last year. Today he and his partner Steffano Gabbana changed their view on gay adoption because their latest collection of hand bags and T-shirts speaks about Gay adoption though officially the luxurious brand is silent over the matter. The bags have featured modern family of two fathers embracing their three children. Their some of the new DG family collection shows an inclination towards gay fathers and their adopted children. “We are promoting the campaign by asking people to submit family portraits to a gallery and we have already received more than 1000 family pictures on our site,” says PR person of the brand. The product is really interesting stuff especially when it is devoted to same sex and their families.



Another interesting collection called Hijabs targets muslin women. This loose, full length robs like garments are already a craze among Muslim women of Middle East. “Infact I was fascinated by Muslim women’s way of dressing during visit of Gulf countries and after discussing with my partner decided to design exclusive hijabs to them,” said Steffano Gabbana.



Are well known designers really interested in inventing something exclusive for Muslim Women? Some people think it is a kind of exploitation seeing big money in the investment. They are in minority, Majority views are quite different. Said Editor of “,At last well known designers are reaching out to Muslim women. I think this is an important moment in fashion world. Muslim women are getting the visibility right now. Besides black and white there is couple of prints in lemon, rose and daisy motifs. The collection includes satin weave charmeuse and georgettes pieces with ample detail detailing. “The collection has some lace, embroidery and some prints,” said Gabbana.

Pics: Designers and their collections.



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