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Clover Point of Sale: A Detailed Review

Clover Point of Sale: Advantages of using it

Clover point-of-sale (POS) device with custom hardware that is designed for a variety of retailers. This point-of-sale framework is available in server-based and web-based deployment options. It provides countertop hardware, contactless payments, a smartphone POS option, and other features. Clover also offers a specialized POS app for restaurants – Clover Dining.

Businesses use the Clover Point-of-Sale system to automate payment collection, purchases, and inventory control, among other things. Clover is able to substitute inefficient operations such as a cash register, sticker printer, paper receipt printer, barcode scanner, and more.

Chip card and PIN payments, Apple Pay, credit card, and contactless payment transactions are supported by the Clover POS system. The Clover POS software also combines with QuickBooks has a time clock to monitor clock-in and clock-out hours. It also helps in handling vendor management and sales orders.

The hardware options offered by Clover POS include Clover Mini Point-of-Sale system, Clover Station, Clover Flex for mobile payments, Clover Go for card reading, and more. On top of all this, the Clover App store also offers marketing promotions, gift card branding, detailed analytics, etc.

Businesses can visualize main data measurements in real-time using the Clover Point-of-Sale dashboard. It also allows menu editing, data reporting, and order tracking.

Clover Point of Sale:
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What are the Features of Clover POS Plans?

Clover platform is very adaptable and anyone can personalize it for a diverse set of applications. This makes it difficult to discuss its features. With that being said, let’s discuss the most popular features of Clover POS including its plans:

  1. Payments Plus

This is Clover’s most simplistic plan. It can be a decent starting point if you want to test it out or believe your company can expand rapidly. In the future, this plan can also help you to upgrade to other levels. Payments Plus plan is available only on Clover Go, Clover Mini, and Clover Flex. It includes:

  • Employee Management
  • Customer Management
  • Cloud-Based Payments
  • Open Tabs
  • Discount Rewards
  • Access to Clover App Store (Limited)
  • Accepts all Payment Options
  1. Register Lite Plan

The price of the Register Lite plan is $9.95 per month. It is available only on Clover Go, Clover Mini, and Clover Flex. It supports all features of the Payments Plus plan along with:

  • Advanced Order Management
  • Tax Calculations
  • Item Assignments
  • Limited but still more access to Clover App Store
  • Standard Management of Inventory with tracking
  • Display towards customers
  1. Register Plan

The price of the Register Plan is $39.95 per month. It is required to be used in combination with Clover POS Station and includes everything from Register Lite as well as:

  • Advanced Inventory
  • Kitchen Printing
  • Allows combining multiple tickets and orders
  • Scale Integration
  • Built-In Exchange of Items
  • Full Access to Clover App Store
  1. Counter Service

You also get the following for the food industries and restaurants:

  • Menu Management
  • Kitchen Printers
  • Bar Tabs (Pre-Authorized)
  1. Table Service

You also get the following for full-service bars and restaurants:

  • Scan Pay
  • Table Mapping
  • Tableside Bill Pay and Ordering

Clover Point of Sale:

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What are the Benefits of Clover POS?

1.It is Easy-to-Use

Clover Point-of-Sale system has used smartphone technology in its hardware. The screen of the Clover Point-of-Sale hardware looks similar to that of a smartphone’s home screen. Also, Clover has integrated touch-screen technology into their POS hardware. Now, this technology not only makes it easy to use but also makes it convenient for everyone.

2.Allows Use of Various Applications

One of the best features of Clover POS is it allows the merchants to use various software applications. Clover has their own App Store, which gives you access to apps. There are more than 100 software applications available on Clover App Store directly related to the business industry. These apps allow merchants to check inventory, manage employees, take notes, schedule shifts, and more.

3.It Provides Added Security

Often, business owners worry about the security of their business information. Well, Clover POS has the solution. It helps in preventing cybercriminals and hackers from misusing credit card information. Clover POS does so with the help of their built-in encryption, which is compliant with new PCI DSS standards.

How Good is the Performance of Clover POS?

In its most simple form, a Clover POS device comes with everything you need to get started. It should therefore take little effort to adjust to your business. Clover POS has a high overall rating with the additional advantage of multi-layered support on a PCI-certified device.

Furthermore, since Clover POS is cloud-based, it is robust in the event of networking problems. It will help your business to continue payment processing and maintaining efficient transactions even though your internet connection is unavailable. Clover POS re-enters all of your saved and encrypted data as the internet restarts.

How Easy is to Use Clover POS?

Clover is well-designed and functional, whether you are an employee or the primary the administrator who has dipped in and out of the Clover interface to complete everyday tasks.

Furthermore, since it is hosted on a cloud-based network, all of the sensitive data is processed centrally, which protects it against any inadvertent errors.

That might pay off in a retail setting where many workers are already using the Clover method.

What are the Pros or Advantages of Using Clover POS?

It is really easy to use. One of the best advantages of Clover is that it can be used as a handheld gadget to screen clients in and out of the room.

It has a very streamlined appearance and the ability to do it on your own laptop is very appealing. It is easy to set up. You won’t have any trouble uploading any of your products and services. The easy use of these POS solutions enables it to be learned by many employees. In addition, the variety of additional applications enhances its credentials with the ease of one-touch launching. Overall, Clover POS is a 5-Star Point-of-Sale solution.

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