What major political parties say about Citizenship Amendment Act

Citizenship Amendment Act

Stand of various political parties on Citizenship Amendment Act

 The country has witnessed various protests over (CAA) Citizenship Amendment Act and (NRC) National Register of Citizen for India by various groups, student unions and political parties. Various political parties have opposed CAA and NRC citing different reasons.

Parliament passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill on December 12. Modi government easily sailed through both the upper house and lower house even though it didn’t have the majority in Rajya Sabha. But political parties have started changing their stance even though they supported CAB in the Upper house.

Citizenship Amendment Act
People protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Bill

Here we will look where major political parties stand on controversial Citizenship Amendment Act.

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Bhartiya Janta Party which currently rules in 17 states including all states from the Northeast has maintained that the CAA is in sync with the policy of Central government since Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s days.

The government has released a point-wise explainer on the CAA citing that most of the students who are protesting against it have not read the act. Union Home Minister Amit Shah ensured all the Muslim citizens of India should not worry about their citizenship and they are safe.


Congress President Sonia Condemned the brutality of police in Jamia and Delhi Gate where more than dozens got injured. Senior leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra too opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act and criticized police action against the protestors. However former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been amongst action barring few tweets. It is understandable as he assiduously built his and family’s image as worshippers of Lord Shiva during the Lok Sabha Elections. The image supporting the “Muslim cause” may backfire.

The student wing of Congress NSUI (National Student Union of India) has been active in protests all over the country.


Mamta Banerjee led TMC (All India Trinamool Congress) declared that they will not implement the Citizenship Amendment Act in Bengal. She also dared Central government to dismiss her government in Bengal for openly saying this. Mamata Banerjee also ordered to halt the ongoing process to update the National Population Register. NPR is a Manmohan Singh government initiative launched in 2010.

She marched on roads in Kolkata and asked for equal protection for all irrespective of their religion. This is a definitely a shift from her earlier stance when she wanted deportation and detention of illegal.


Biju Janta Dal and Asom Gana Parishad voted for the passage of the CAB in Parliament. But as the protest intensified in their respective states Odisha and Assam, they have changed their stand now. AGP is against the new law and will be arguing in the Supreme Court against the law.

BJP’s ally in Bihar Janta Dal-United supported the BJP-led government on the CAB in Parliament.  Nitish Kumar led JDU later realized that they have made a mistake by supporting the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena recently snapped its 35-year-old relationship with BJP. Like JDU, BJP and AGP Shiv Sena also supported the Act in Parliament but now it is opposing it. The allies of Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress reportedly expressed displeasure and built-up pressure on Sena after they supported the bill in Lok Sabha. Sena, then stayed away from voting in Rajya Sabha.

Left Front

The Left Front which has been failing in electoral politics, it banks heavily on the support base in universities with JNU being the most significant. Left parties came in support of students in Jamia Millia and called for bandh on Thursday against the Citizenship Amendment Act and police brutality in Jamia Campus.

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