Merry Christmas 2019: 5 Christmas Movies to enjoy the holiday

These 5 Christmas movies (English) are the perfect Santa gift for Christmas 2019

And it’s Christmas time! Here is one of the most awaited festivals of wintertime. One of the best things about Christmas is the cold that makes you feel all snugly. So what’s better than enjoying the Christmas feels in your home, with hot chocolate and a few movies to binge-watch?

Here is a list of all-time 5 Christmas Movies that you can start watching right away.

  1. Home Alone Series

Home Alone Series

No Christmas movie list is complete with this masterpiece. The best thing about this series is that it can be enjoyed by both children and adults. The lead role of a young boy Kevin is played by Macaulay Carson Culkin. The 8-year-old is accidentally left at home while his family goes to Paris for the Christmas holidays. The fun begins when the small guy has to tackle two burglars all by himself, leading to some hilarious scenes.

  1. Love actually

Love actually

The selling point of the movie is not the n number of famous names attached to it, but the warm feeling of love on Christmas that then movie makes us all feel. With eight different plot lines, the movie captures love of all kinds and is best enjoyed with a tub of ice cream.

  1. The Holiday

The Holiday

  This movie gives you the right holiday feels mixed with a sense of love, fun and a chance to believe in destiny.

With actors like Jude Law, Jack Black, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, this rom-com is just the right dose of everything.

  1. Bad Santa

Bad Santa

This comedy was the last live movie by the star John Ritter, who passed away in 2003. The movie is about an unlikely friendship in the backdrop of a failed robbery. Must watch for a good laugh.

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  1. Last Christmas

Last Christmas

This new release is a good and light watch. With Emilia Clarke and Henry Holding in the lead, the movie is a decent watch.

Yes, this is not a complete list and there are still so many great movies out there that you can watch like- Die Hard, The Grinch, Elf, A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street, Scrooge, It’s a Wonderful Life and so many more.

So, keep watching and spreading the Christmas Joy.

Merry Christmas!

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