Chooda- Ek Partha screened at 5th Delhi International Film Festival

Chooda- Ek Partha (Bangle) screened at 5th Delhi International Film Festival

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Chooda- Ek Partha made its way to 5th Delhi International Film Festival

In order to treat the cinema lovers, Delhi International Film Festival is back with its 5th edition. The grand opening of the film festival took place at Central Park, Connaught Place on December 3rd. The festival will continue till December 9th and more than 200 movies will be screened at NDMC convention centre this year. On 4th December more than 40 movies were screened at the festival and one of them was Chooda- EK Partha, the film got a lot of applause from the audience.

The movie is a poignant portrayal of an archaic practice the Chooda, which is prevalent in the areas of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The film is artistically and aesthetically produced on location in a 500- year old -village of Rajasthan. Chooda practice in Rajasthan is yet another extension of the Patriarchal system of our society. But in this system girl remains the sole property of her father even after her marriage, he can determine her future.

The film, starring Chandrachur Singh, Shivani Wazir, Arjun Feroze Khan, Ekta Tewari and other is a must watch. Actress Shivani Wazir along with the producer Pravin Narain Agarwal was present at the screening.

5th Delhi International Film Festival
5th Delhi International Film Festival

In a candid conversation with us, Shivani opened up about her journey in Chooda. She said, “It was a wonderful experience being the part of Chooda. All the members associated with this project really had a good time. The film has been shot in 500 –year- old village of Rajasthan, we really enjoyed on the sets.”

On asking that how she is feeling that movie is screened at Diff, she said, “It is a wonderful feeling. Raaste par sab chal lete hai par manzile bahut kam logo ko milte hai( It is important to reach the destination). It feels great and privileged when people praise your work. Chooda is such a content driven film and I think people should actually watch it.”

Chooda- Ek Partha (Bangle) screened at 5th Delhi International Film Festival
Shivani Wazir along with Music Director, Bal Krishan and Producer Pravin Agarwal

Director Ravindra Singh Rajawat did a thorough research of the subject and he actually personally observed all the traditions and customs there so that he can make people feel more connected to the film.

All the actors have done a brilliant job, and story of Chanda ( Ekta Twari) has a very big social message for all of us.

Chooda- Ek Partha (Bangle) screened at 5th Delhi International Film Festival
Indira sharma with her family

Indira Sharma, who was present to watch the film along with her family said, “We people are from Rajasthan, but we actually didn’t know that any such practice is prevalent there. It came as a shock for us but at the same time, we got to know something really important about our native place. We really liked the concept of the film and the music.”

Chooda- Ek Partha (Bangle) screened at 5th Delhi International Film Festival

The credit of the soulful music of the film goes to the music director, Bal Krishan Shamra. He always wanted to keep the music rooted to the plot. He wanted to make ear soothing music just like the music of old era which stays in our playlist no matter how modern we get.

The film is directed by Ravindra Rajawat and produced by Pravin Narain Agarwal.

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