Chitrgupt Pujan 2018: Date, Significance, Muhurat and everything you need to know

Chitrgupt Pujan 2018: Why do Kayastha worship him? 

Chitragupt Pujan is the biggest puja of Kayastha. Chitrgupt Pujan 2018 will be done on November 9, 2018. Chitragupt Puja is performed by Kayastha family every year to seek his blessings. The puja is known as Daawat(inkpot) in which the books and pens are worshipped. Worshipping books and pens symbolizes the importance of literacy in the life of Kayastha. During the Puja, the earnings of the family members are written on the paper. Prayers are offered to him to increase the amount.

Chitrgupt Pujan 2018

Here are 10 important things you need to know about Chitrgupt Pujan, here is why he is worshipped by Kayastha? 

1.  He keeps the record of good deeds and bad deeds of every human being. He decided whether the person will go to hell or will he go to heaven.

2. When you please Lord Chitrgupt, you get blessings of Knowledge and it benefits you in deciding your fate after death.

3. God Chitrgupt is the 17th manas putra of Lord Brahma equipped with 100 percent power of Lord Brahma.

4. Lord Chitrgupt is the Chief Justice of Yamaloka. He is also known as the patron deity of Kayasthas, a Hindu caste of Nepal and India.

5.  In Matyspurana, it is mentioned that is the Adhi Devta for Ketu, one of the Navagrahas. Worshipping Lord Chitrgupt keeps you away from the ill effects of Ketu.

6.  In Rig Veda,  Lord Chitrgupt is referred to a great King. Means king of King.

7. In Garuda Purana, God Chitrgupt is hailed as the first to give the script.

8.  Chitagupt says that man should do virtuous and charitable acts and perform Yagya. This way he will attain peace in life.

9. He is known as the Kuldevta of Kayastha community.  Kayasthas are more into studies. That’s why they worship the pen.

10. Last but not least, most people believe that Lord Chitrgupt for a simple accountant of Lord Yamraj but in reality, he is much more. In fact, he is ten times more powerful than Lord Yama.

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