Chit chat: Lokendra Ranawat reveals secret of his King-sized beard!

Lokendra Ranawat, a passionate fashion blogger who will give you serious beard goals!

Lokendra Ranawat is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and a passionate photographer. His beard has a huge fan following. A lot of young boys want to have a beard like him. If you don’t know him let me tell you he is one the most elegant male bloggers in India. Mr. Ranawat has worked in many National and International brands. Ranawat, who hails from Rajasthan, has been catching everyone’s attention. Recently, we got engaged with him in a quirky conversation.

Lokendra Ranawat

Here we go!

  1. How will you describe Lokendra Ranawat?

Well, I am a fashion & lifestyle blogger, in more technical way I am a content creator and fortunately my social media audience love and appreciate my content

  1. When did you decide to become a fashion blogger?

It all started in 2013, some grooming product brands approached me to talk about them on social media and they got good responses from my audience, so I decided to use this platform properly.

  1. You are known for your king _ sized beard. So what’s your regime like?

Beard is a powerful tool to boost your confidence and personality. It shows you are patient and know how to put in efforts. Above all, the best gift you can give to yourself. A well-groomed man is always taken seriously for he knows where to put his time and money.

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  1. How one can look fashionable without compromising on comfort?

See for me fashion is not just about wearing trendy clothes. You should wear whatever looks good on you, so instead of copying western look and fashion I stay stick to comfort and that makes me fashionable.

  1. Last but not the least what’s your next move?

Well, I have already tried Handlebar Moustache, normal beard, heavy beard, it’s time for salt & pepper beard …!!

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