Two days informal meet between Xi Jinping and PM Modi to commence today.

Ankit Kumar
China President visit to Chennai

Xi Jinping and PM Modi will have a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi are expected to agree on new security measures along with an unsettled border during the informal summit on Friday.  The officials said that in an effort to smooth ties ruffled by differences over Kashmir, both leaders will try to find ways to strengthen the bilateral ties.

The two leaders of the largest populated countries are meeting in a seaside resort in Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu. The meeting is being held almost after 2 months of India’s decision of revoking special status from Jammu and Kashmir which angered arch-rival Pakistan and China.

After Xi Jinping’s statement that he is closely watching the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, India replied on Wednesday that Kashmir’s status issue was an internal affair and there was no place for a third country to be involved.

China has a strong military ties with Pakistan for many years, which has fought with India two times over the Kashmir issue.

Informal Summit will focus on moving over the differences: Chinese Media

The official media present for the meeting said that the summit will focus on how to move beyond the present and historical differences to forge a cooperative partnership.

Chinese President is scheduled to leave on Friday morning from China and reach the coastal town of Southern India by afternoon.

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Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Luo Zhahui while speaking to media on Wednesday said that because it will be an informal meeting, both leaders will have a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to have a free exchange of dialogues without fixed topics. He added that solid ground has been laid and with the joints efforts from both the leaders the visit will set the tone for further growth of bilateral ties.

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