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Child Actor Aarush Varma Petitions to Change “OMG 2” Film’s Certification from ‘A’ to ‘U/A’ for Sex Education Theme

Child actor Aarush Varma, from "OMG 2," initiates petition to change film's 'A' certification to 'U/A' due to sex education theme. Over 1300 signatures garnered.

Aarush Varma, child actor from “OMG 2,” petitions to change film’s ‘A’ rating to ‘U/A’ due to sex education theme. Over 1300 signatures garnered

Child actor Aarush Varma, renowned for his portrayal of Pankaj Tripathi’s son in “OMG 2,” has taken an active stance by launching a petition to modify the film’s certification. The young artist is endeavoring to transition the current ‘A’ rating of the film to a more inclusive ‘U/A’ rating. This initiative materialized through an online petition hosted on Change.org, which has already garnered impressive support with over 1300 signatures. The petition is aligned with the film’s underlying theme of sex education.

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Varma’s inspiration for the petition stemmed from a cartoon he had seen where a character initiated a petition. Subsequently, the idea resonated with him, leading him to discuss it with his mother. Their collaborative decision resulted in the creation of the petition, aimed at fostering a change in the film’s certification. The actor’s objective is to make the film accessible to a broader audience, particularly considering its educational message.

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Elaborating on the petition’s impact, Varma shared that it has received a warm reception on social media platforms, with numerous individuals expressing agreement with both his cause and the film’s theme. The enthusiastic response has encouraged him to pursue this avenue further, hoping for a positive outcome.

Despite the film’s success, Varma is candid about his dissatisfaction with the constraints imposed by the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC). He expresses frustration over not being able to witness his work on the big screen due to the existing certification limitations. He contends that the film’s target audience, primarily teenagers, necessitates a certification adjustment to align with its intent and purpose.

Highlighting the significance of “OMG 2,” Varma underscores the importance of addressing the subject matter it revolves around. He strongly advocates for the film’s accessibility to a wider demographic, asserting that it is a matter of educational value.

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Looking back at his journey, Varma recalls the transparent audition process for the debut film. Selected from a pool of 200 contenders, he was thrilled to secure the role and actively contribute to the project’s narrative. Looking ahead, Varma envisions a career focused on projects that not only entertain but also convey meaningful messages, indicating his commitment to contributing positively to cinema’s storytelling landscape.

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