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Chhath Puja Gallery: How the Puja was celebrated in 2020

Pictures and captions that sums up the Chhath Puja celebrations 2020


If you are one of those people who doesn’t know anything about Chhath Puja, and need basics, you have dropped at the right article. We have documented the Chhath Puja celebrations 2020 with some amazing pictures. While some pictures have been sent to us by our associates, some have been taken from social media. Get the full-dose of auspicious festival Chhath Puja in this amazing picture gallery.

Nahay Khay

The Chhath Puja is a 4-day festival which starts with Nahay Khay.  Devotees take a ritual bath before they eat. Mostly, the devotees prefer to take a dip in the holy rivers of the country.

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Kharna is celebrated on the second day of the festival. Devotees prepare Roti and Kheer on this day and serve it as a bhog to the diety. What you see in the picture is a glimpse of how the Prasad is served to God.


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2. chhath puja images

A special Prasad is prepared after the Kharna period known as Thekua.

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The whole family heads to Ghats of nearby river or ponds. Fruits and other offerings are carried in special bamboo-made containers known as – Chhitta, Daura, Soop and more.

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Parvaitins are standing in the holy river Ganga waiting for the right time to offer Arghya, which is the setting sun on the day of Sandhya Arghya, the third day of Chhath Puja.

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Devotees have kept their offerings on the bank of the river ahead of the Arghya.

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There are some people who celebrate this festival at their homes by using holy water from the Ganga river. This year the government had urged the devotees to celebrate it at homes.

7. chhath puja    

This scene is from the holy river Ganga at 4:45 am when the Parvaitins are waiting for the sunrise.

8. chhath puja

Here a Parvaitin is offering the Prasad to the sun while exercising Arghya on the day of Parna, the last day of the festival.


Many devotees do idol immersion in rivers after the Parna. These idols are mostly of the Lakshmi and Ganesh which is established on the Diwali day. In this picture, a woman is performing rituals after the idol immersion. 

10. chhath puja   

This is the aftermath of Chhath. How the banks of rivers, ponds look like after everyone is gone.

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