Chef Ranveer Brar celebrates Baisakhi with Sakshi Tanwar : Have you seen the pictures?

Let’s find out What Ranveer and Sakshi are cooking

While shooting for the Baisakhi episode of EPIC TV’s Tyohaar Ki Thaali, Sakshi had a surprise visitor, her close friend and celebrity chef – Ranveer Brar. In the spirit of the festival, Ranveer took charge of the kitchen and dished out an impromptu Aate Ka Halwa leaving Sakshi with another superb addition to her diary.

Aate ka Halwa

Back on popular demand, Ranveer was smitten by the ‘masale dani’ (spices pot) in Sakshi’s kitchen and kept requesting Sakshi to gift it to him, but Sakshi refused to part with an important element of her Tyohaar Ki Thaali kitchen!

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In Tyohaar Ki Thaali, Sakshi Tanwar is on a mission to celebrate India’s festivals. Join her as she celebrates each festival by sharing her long cherished, heirloom recipes of various bhogs & prasads identified with the Gods. Peppered with folklores, legends and Sakshi’s personal anecdotes, Tyohaar Ki Thaali is a show that offers a delectable mix of stories and recipes that will inspire you to cook more!

Tune in to Tyohaar Ki Thaali every Monday, 10 pm on EPIC TV.

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