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Cheers to Beer: Consuming Beer can do wonders for your health

Britain’s National Beer Day: 7 Beer Bars in Delhi you must try! 

Britain is celebrating National Beer Day on June 15th. Well, we are not recommending you to drink beer or alcohol on a regular basis but taking it occasionally is not a big cause. Well, an overdose of anything can be injurious to health.

Beer Day is celebrated on different days in different countries and today Britain is celebrating Nation Beer Day. The beer has a lot of health benefits too! Here, we going to discuss some of its benefits and best places in Delhi where you can have a beer at best prices.

What can beer do with our health? 

1. It can reduce heart-related diseases.

2.It can prevent kidney stones.

3.It can prevent diabetes too.

4.Instantly boost your confidence level.

5.Strengthens Immune System.

6.Helps to get bones stronger.

7.It can help you to reduce your weight too.

Top 5 best Beer Bars in Delhi you should try!

1.My Bar: The best place to please yourself with some chilled beer. It is located in central of Delhi. Yes, it’s in Cannought Place. It is a hub for College students. You too can hang out here with your best bunch of your friends. They provide drinks at affordable prices.

2.Zu Tisch: Speaking about German beers, this is your go-to pub for a great beer, great deals and great ambiance in Delhi. Located centrally in the heart of GK-1, Zu Tisch has slowly become one of the most popular cafes – its beer offerings, paired with the yummiest food and perfectly comfortable surroundings. Again, one of the reasons why it’s become so popular is because of its selection of beers to choose from, with the lowest starting at Rs 140. Its authentic German standards give you a selection of sausages that make the beer-drinking all the more joyous.

3.The Beer Cafe: With around 50 varieties of beer, this place has a lot to offer. Get down to some serious beer guzzling and food chopping at this gorgeous cafe. It’s light, cheery ambiance, easy couches, and tastefully done interiors are hard to miss. It is located in Vasant Kunj.

4.Thugs: If sipping beer in the company of villains of Bollywood in a dimly-lit bar in Daryaganj does not give you a high. Then you definitely not belong to this Earth. With cocktails like‘Mona darling’ and ‘Arrey oh samba’,Thugs leaves no stone unturned in making you feel like a badass by the time you’re on your fourth peg.

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