How to prepare a checklist before accepting a job offer?

Prepare a checklist before accepting a job offer: 5 things to consider other than salary

Whenever you walk in for an interview, or accept a job offer, what is the first question that hits your mind? Salary? How much salary is offered? Right? If it satisfying your expectations, you will say a yes, and if not, you will negotiate. Well, money is definitely a deriving factor. for any job But is it the only thing you should look for before accepting a job offer? Think about it.  Here is How to prepare a checklist before accepting a job offer?

Here, we have enlisted the five things other than salary, take a look to prepare a checklist before accepting a job offer  

1. Job Profile and KRA

Your job profile is perhaps the most significant thing you should look for. Negotiation for salary is the negotiation for your needs but not negotiating for your job profile is compromising with your skillset. Your job profile will define your persona more than any other thing. Hence, you should always negotiate for your job profile and KRA.

2. Commutation

These days commute isn’t a big problem, especially in metro cities. But you shouldn’t be travelling for more than 1 hour to reach your workplace.   If it is more than 1 hour, then you might have to compromise with your sleep. It will also impact your leisure schedule because you are actually working four hours more than any other employee. In this situation, are you supposed to leave the job? Well not really. You should negotiate in this situation. You should ask the organisation to provide either an accommodation near the office, cut the working hours, provide cab etc. If your skills are as per there mark, they will not hesitate to fulfil this genuine demand

3. Organisational Culture or the Corporate culture

Organisational or corporate culture is the most significant that you should consider before accepting the job offer. It is the values, behaviour and the socio-psychological environment of an organisation. The organisation, its people and its culture are what is going to stay with you throughout your job years. You want to work efficiently, you should inspect the organisational culture.

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4. Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness is one such factor that you should definitely negotiate for. Big organisations ensure and consider the health of their employees, sometimes of prime importance. They value you as a human resource. They often provide health insurances and policies to ensure a healthy human resource.

5. Flexible Working Hours

If your organisation is very rigid for the working hours, you should become conscious. In the digital age, we all want flexible working hours. You should try to entrust your organisation that you will give your 100 per cent whenever required.

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These are some of the areas where you should negotiate else than salary. If you don’t negotiate for these things, it will end up being a burden for you in the longer run. It will become something more like a compromise than any other thing for you.

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