Check out!! Things which Bollywood is still getting wrong

Here are 5 things which Bollywood is still getting wrong

For all the things that Bollywood gets right, there is a lot they get very wrong. We have been waiting patiently for them to get it together, but since we are hurtling into 2017 already and there seems no one to have noticed this. So we have decided to help them with this handy checklist, for starters. Here are five things which Bollywood is still getting wrong.

Here’s presenting 5 things which Bollywood is still getting wrong:

1. Karwa- chauth can NEVER be on a full moon day

This day falls on the fourth day (‘chauth’) of the full moon, which means that when you look up, it’s going to be a waxing moon. Not one movie, in the history of Indian cinema has got this thing right. All songs and all that looking-through-the-mesh business is always on a full moon. Also, if you have actually seen the real moon on this day, you will also know that it is seldom bright unlike in Bollywood where it’s always a mutant super moon.

Check out!! Things which Bollywood is still getting wrong
Bollywood Karwa chauth

2. All train coaches are internally connected

While expecting your BAE to pull you on board is a romantic idea, you know you do not have to run after that ONE particular coach. For heaven’s sake, the entire train is interconnected. Board the nearest bogie. We will still like and consider your romance.

3. No one can actually pass the security check ‘just like that’ at airports

While the train tactic is for slightly older set of films, the new ones are all about creating last minute havoc at the airport to stop their hopeless love from going away, Bollywood is still getting wrong.

Now, in this blunder there are a couple of things to remember firstly that it is not the last flight to the prescribed destination, secondly no state, country or continent is too far enough for you to reach, thirdly an aircraft full of passengers will NOT clap for this false bravery if you are the reason for a delayed take-off, and lastly none of the above scenarios can happen because you really cannot get past the first gate of any airport in India without a ticket.

4. Your bags look empty because they are actually empty

Most of the Bollywood drama is race against time, which gives us panicked passengers running frantically with their luggage to, for instance, board their train. We do not understand how your suitcases and bags dangle so freely while you run? It is because they are always empty. From next time stuff it please, let the struggle at least look real.

Check out!! Things which Bollywood is still getting wrong
Funeral Scene

5. Funerals are always prepared. Seriously?

We acknowledge and appreciate your sentiments, but we do not understand how every character in every movie immediately turns up in a pure white or black outfit immediately after a death. We are assuming that you are always prepared for the worst, unless there is a less morbid explanation.

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