From Railway Station to Luxury Tea Boutique, Board Rajeev Baid in his Chai Chun Safar

Rajeev Baid and his Love! The man behind Chai Chun, chai lovers, this article is for you!


  • What is Chai Chun?
  • How did Chai Chun’s journey begin?
  • Welcome to Tea Café at Asansol
  • A message for budding entrepreneurs

In India, a morning is never ‘Good morning’ unless and until it is accompanied by tea. In recent times, with tea lovers, different types of tea makers have also gained popularity. We can be very well-versed with varying kinds of Chai.

Daya bhen ki Masala wali chai, Modi ji ki railway wali chai, Subah ki chai, dosti wali chai, baarish wali chai ya Khud ke sath wali chai, every tea has its own story and kind. However, have you ever tasted 167 varieties of Chai in life?

The answer would be “NO.” But now, you can treat your soul with 167 kinds of tea under one roof. Right from green, floral, health, herbal, masala, classic, Oolong, white and black tea to CTC, premium, assorted, flavoured, orthodox, single estate, and tisane tea, this Siliguri-based firm Chai Chun ensures distinct quality with every sip stirring unique tongue exhilarating experiences.

What is Chai Chun?

As the name suggests, you can pick your Chai as per your taste and preferences. Chai Chun stands as a one-stop shop for tea lovers that endeavour to serve suitable beverages to the right age people with an elite quality. Today, where major brands have limited varieties of tea, Chai Chun offers almost all types of tea, belling those (vacuum seal) according to consumer requirements.

Also, Chai Chun is looking forward to introducing various medicated teas, keeping in mind the increasing health awareness among the populace.

 Chai Chun

From Railway tea hawker to Luxury Tea Boutique- This Chai Safar wasn’t that Easy

From Railways to bus stops and now in luxurious tea boutiques, Chai Chun was accompanied by the experience, vision, and perfection of Rajeev Baid, a young dynamic tea connoisseur and the founder of this iconic tea industrialist/entrepreneur who, in a short time has made a distinguishable mark in the tea industry.

Baid’s love affair with tea did not let him be restricted to the stations and stops. He wanted India to sip the best cup of tea- harvested with the perfect crop, grown in finest soil, and plucked with perfection and care. In short, developing the idea into a Brand. Chai Chun is a celebration of the rich, diverse, and many-splendored culture of tea drinking.

From a tea vendor at the bus stops and railway stations in Kishanganj, Bihar, to a successful businessman with multi-fold ventures to his name, Mr. Rajeev Baid has established himself as an iconic and far-sighted businessman in the tea industry. With his bold and courageous decisions, he has brought many developments to the industry.

In a recent event, Going down to the memory lane Baid said, “You never know when odds work in your favour. When I started my journey there was a single coin, which worked as a gold coin. And now it is a gigantic empire.”

Welcome to Tea Café at Asansol

Rajeev firmly believes that innovation is putting together two existing things in a new way. Hence, to solemnize the pious bond of rail journeys and tea, Mr. Baid has started Chai Chun Tea Café, India’s first Train Tea Café at Asansol junction. The excellent Tea Café is built in a railway carriage to give tea lovers a one-of-a-kind experience.

A message for budding entrepreneurs

“It is important to love your work. Chai was my passion and will be. Therefore, I realized what I dreamt off and will not stop living it. You also have to believe in your love, passion, and idea and make efforts towards it. And whatever you do in life, do not forget to take a rest and take a sip of a Chai”, said Rajeev Baid in a humorous tone.

With 20+ stores in PAN India, the company aims to open 100+ stores across India, mainly at airports and malls highstreets. So, what are you waiting for? Indeed, for your fav tea.

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